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User Info: Oresama

4 days ago#11
This one is really fun, decided to make Sigurd a Galeforce unit. Has Petal Parasol so far.
6* when?
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User Info: Neonoia

4 days ago#12
I got my prf Sigurd(tyrfing+ward) but he's so bad when you get a melee only map lol.

Eldigan is deadweight at the moment no prf yet.

Quan is alright I got him with repo+link and he actually has good attack out of all the three cavs coz we all know these horsies aint doubling s***.

Lewyn is busted as expected. Got Forseti+Glimmer so it's pretty much ezgg.

Also man these cavs are so bad on some maps.

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User Info: Renkencen

4 days ago#14
Ok used all of the torches I can get my hand on today and ended with

level 33 Sigurd
Divine Tyrfing
Rally spd/ def+

Crusader's Ward
Spd opening 3

level 34 +1 Quan
Gae Bolg
rally atk/ def+
fury 4
rouse def/ res 3
spd/ res bound3

level 29 Eldigan
Dark mysteltainn

level 35 Lewyn

atk/ res bond 4

time pulse 3

Quan and Lewyn are the mvp for me. Lewyn basically nuke anyone from afar while Quan is a tank. Sigurd is meh while Edligan is a dead weight as it is shown he got the least amount of skills on him.

Seriously I lost two lower level maps trying to level him up (and my fault for not checking the map properly)!

I think I gonna focus getting a special for Lewyn to make used of his time pulse.
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User Info: Oresama

4 days ago#15
Oh btw this HoF is gold, we're getting 50+ infantry dragonflowers! f*** yeah.
6* when?
Did the first six stages so far

Lewyn Lvl 19

Lull Atk/Spd

Sigurd Lvl 18

Divine Tyrfing

Quan Lvl 15

Gae Bolg

Eldigan Lvl 15

Dark Mystletainn

Pretty clear who my MVP is this far.

User Info: dotsdfe

4 days ago#17
dotsdfe posted...
I only did my initial three matches for now, though I'll probably do a bit more later.

I got:
Brazen Atk/Res 3 for Lewyn on a round with awful options.

Sigurd's Prf.

Distant Ward for Eldigan, was between that and Blue Flame with a bunch of otherwise really mediocre options.

Not the best start. I feel like trying to get Lewyn's Prf is going to be awful. Last HoF, I had a horrendous time trying to get a good weapon for B. Caeda.

Okay, I burned a torch and got Forseti for Lewyn, Atk Smoke for Eldigan, and Quan's Prf (which I considered not taking, honestly, as it's pretty mediocre, but ehhhhh).
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Lewyn solo'd for me.

He's at level 40+7, everybody else is at 20~ish haha
Cleared all stages except the final one because an enemy Caineghis finally didn't get ORKOd by Lewyn

User Info: EvilMegas

4 days ago#19
They have some cool skills this go around.

I made a Forseti Nuke.


Bonus doubler
Spd/def link
Threat speed

My ponyboys buff and smite him and then clean up the rest.

Quan is surprisingly good for a lance cav.
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User Info: Crusher063

4 days ago#20

this is just ridiculous. Definitely not how I’d build him in other modes, but it sure is fun.
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