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User Info: DeBron

1 week ago#41
I literally just gave Travant Ridersbane the other week because I needed a bonus unit for AR.

Darkest timeline.
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User Info: EchoPhoenix

1 week ago#42
>Ridersbane to symbolize him overcoming Eubans

soulful choice

User Info: Renkencen

6 days ago#43
I'm hoping he is at LEAST better than the past ghb wyvern riders we had gotten in the past especially Cormag (he's one of my fav in Scared Stone)!

User Info: Armor_Key

6 days ago#44
As predicted, another generic lance flier in a sea of generic lance fliers. I just hope that he has something decent to fodder.
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User Info: CeruleanGamer

6 days ago#45
I know I$ has been generous with amazing Tempest Trial units they recently released, but I didnt know it was at the expense of making f***ing trash GHB units...
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User Info: Yellow_King

6 days ago#46
Honestly I'm just glad Nergal is safe from this. Plz make him a Mythic I$.

User Info: fdtl

6 days ago#47
Yellow_King posted...
Honestly I'm just glad Nergal is safe from this. Plz make him a Mythic I$.
If Gharnef's feat of defying death itself and Fomortiis practically being a god didn't save them from being Grand Heroes, I wouldn't get hopes up for Nergal
FE7 Mythic will be Elimine because waifu
Not gonna lie, I'm expecting him to be WORSE than Trevenant.

Hoping he at least comes with decent fodder... Guidance or ATK Opening please?... probably Rouse ATK/DEF or ATK/DEF Solo just to make us feel even worse if Edelgard wins in A Hero Rises.
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User Info: Lief4Heroes

6 days ago#49
CeruleanGamer posted...
But at least the sword infantries that came out recently have potent PRFs.

Shannan got an amazing EP sword, Larcei's All-Dull Sword is broken vs LAzura teams, Lif's sword has strong synergy with Brazen/Vantage/WoM users, and Mareeta's sword has a Null Follow Up which is highly desirable, and Itsuki is actually a great F2P unit with a solid PRF introducing an ATK/DEF version of a Blade Session.

What do the recent lance fliers got? Mostly trash....
Really there's just Mirage Feather and Altena's Lull Atk/Def 5 on everyone but fliers (aka against over 80% of the roster). Before them the last new lance flier added to have a prf was Valter or Tana, whoever came first. And keep in mind there's 10 lances fliers added between the release of Valter and Tsubasa.
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(edited 6 days ago)
I kinda wanted Nergal, Vaida or Elbert.

Hell, I'll still get Heath.

Although I won't mind Nergal being a Mythic hero.

How does Heath heel-face turn in his home game?
(edited 6 days ago)
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