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User Info: Emeraldsz

1 week ago#1

Someone is going to be very happy!

User Info: Its_just_TACHO

1 week ago#2
That guy who made the fake Layla trailer is going to be very happy about this.

I'm glad for him!

User Info: Lief4Heroes

1 week ago#3
@MorphFE time to drop the load.
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@MorphFE Your time has come.

User Info: IndianaJones65

1 week ago#5
infantry pulse is dead gg

edit: wait this doesn't affect my teams we're good
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User Info: Tight-Knots

1 week ago#6
NILS is color SHARING???
Rath is 4*??
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User Info: Tankumi

1 week ago#7
Finally got Rath and he's another green cav archer...

Finally got f***in Nils though!
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User Info: Toshiro2099

1 week ago#8
They all look cool. I don't know anything about any of them, but they look cool.
what’s with all the basic green bow cavaliers...
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User Info: blasster

1 week ago#10
Rath is the instant *4.

Heath is the ghb. Motherf***ing IS really do it. Not one of Nergal's morph.

Generic lance as ghb, just Heath instead of Vaida.
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