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User Info: Zinie95

2 weeks ago#1
Already done Infernal. Just kill the Panic archer first.

User Info: Alligamer72

2 weeks ago#2
The only annoying thing is that tree otherwise pretty easy.

User Info: RavingSwoobat

2 weeks ago#3
Eh, I just used Saizo. There wasn't really any threat in this GHB.

User Info: Pickley-

2 weeks ago#4

User Info: WarmingBlasters

2 weeks ago#5
Basically let things smash into Selena with a block on blue by Arthur just to be sure.
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User Info: Zinie95

2 weeks ago#6
Also I found it really funny that Lyn needs to add "as a friend" at the last sentence like she doesn't want Florina to get the wrong ideal lul....

User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
2 weeks ago#7
I used Caineghis like I always do, although I was forced to bring backup in the form of Eleanora to deal with the monster that is Florina. Thankfully, she had a tendency to hug the wall on the map, so sniping her was a piece of cake.
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User Info: blasster

2 weeks ago#8
So many ways to kill her that I feel bad.
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User Info: Poison-puffs

2 weeks ago#9
Galeforce game over Lyn
Killer Queen has already touched this post.

User Info: perfectchaos83

2 weeks ago#10
Winter Sothis wrecked this map.
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