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User Info: Sad_Face

1 week ago#81
Laughingman_S posted...
Even with +Res, is tanking OPhelia with Bector a viable approach? With her huge Atk, I'd be concerned that she could punch through Bector with an AoE and her first hit.

You can close in the gap with Eir for his RES to lessen the damage from Ophelia. Then there's also the concern of tanking Veronica or other dazzle units. Hector's not fast so he's guaranteed to take both hits. You'll want to be able to take less damage so you can save time to hunt for pots. For other modes, especially Arena and Mjornir's Strike, Dragons exist in abundance so your RES is just as important as defense. Nagi and F!Tiki and the ***KING HENTAI GODDESS (Fallen Corn, I swear, Hall of Forms has made me despise that blight of a unit) are important threats you should be able to take care of in multiple ways.

Also checked in with LinkKing who collected gold thrones for fun till he got bored of it, he said he got Ophelia to do 0 damage to his Hector. Bear in mind, his team was super optimized with at least 2 Eirs and SS.
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User Info: thesheriff33

1 week ago#82
Mega_Gardevoir posted...

Here it is. I'm the most horrible hoarder ever, but...I'd really like a 5* +10. So, I'd like to try once more.


Mega_Gardevoir - 200 (Brave Claude)

You're doing a great job. Usually 200 is where I have my largest urge to spend, only a couple of times have I ever suppressed it
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User Info: Yukure

1 week ago#83
Ohhh! Looks like it's @MorphFE 's time to summon for Leila. Goodluck!
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lol, @MorphFE is going to wake up to a s***load of pings
Sad_Face posted...
MorphFE - 9702 (Leila)

I'm legit curious what's Morph's going to do after he +10s Leila. Literally almost 9999 orbs, the world is his oyster.

User Info: albertojz356

1 week ago#87
Congrats to @MorphFE !!!!

Leila is finally here <3 She looks AMAZING!

Dark Young Link posted...
I'm legit curious what's Morph's going to do after he +10s Leila. Literally almost 9999 orbs, the world is his oyster.

He can have 4 5*+10 Leila’s if he wants lol
Here we go
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Laughingman_S

1 week ago#88
+10 Leila time! After her, are you going to hold out for another specific character, or will you +10 an ideal support partner for Leila?

I won't be stacking my Bector as much as LinkKing's, but it's cool to get his perspective. :3 Without a second Eir or SS, it'll be a lot harder for me to sufficiently stack his Res. Tbh, whilst I'd like Bector to be an option in a couple of AR teams, I don't think he'll be a core unit the way Altina and Ares have been for me. I find the movement of armours to be a bit too limiting, especially because of the turn limit.

He is easily my highest scoring blue, though, so he'll definitely find a place on my arena team. Likewise, I can probably fit him into my MS team for a slightly higher score (even just a couple points make a huge difference there). Altina already takes care of dragons very well, and I'm not sure Bector is going to fare any better against the few that can give her trouble (fallen dragons, mainly). His main job would be to handle bulky reds/blues that she can't kill so easily, like BK, Forsyth, and rival Bectors. +Atk would help him to actually kill key threats, whilst +Def boost his score. I can see that +Res could make the difference in certain matchups, but I'm not so sure that it's the best choice without the right setup.
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User Info: charcoalswift

1 week ago#89
Lol MorphFE is going to have tons of leftover orbs
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User Info: Poison-puffs

1 week ago#90
You finally gets to spend the orbs
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