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User Info: matizero

1 week ago#61
Ok, as you know, I post here only so.. whos β€šBen’? 😝

User Info: CJwat11

1 week ago#62
matizero posted...
Ok, as you know, I post here only so.. whos β€šBen’? 😝

Really long and wacky story that I don't believe should be shared here.
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User Info: Urodos

1 week ago#63
Sad_Face posted...
Super late to the game but congratulations @Urodos! You've made it! Unless you're gunning for a unit on a legendary banner. Then you're gambling. But congrats!
Thanks! And all of those orbs are going towards the cute nuke.
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User Info: Cody82

1 week ago#64
555 orbs. I'm in love with the anniversary BHB reruns, the orbs sure are still flowing!

Today it was a nice day, I got a free Ryoma from a ticket. Sure he's a 3 year old unit but that doesn't stop me building and having some fun with him, those units sure help distract me from pulling. Staying strong.

User Info: Dysias6

1 week ago#65
Checking in early this week. I, too, have 555 orbs.

User Info: thesheriff33

1 week ago#66
I was hoarding in case we got a VG banner, but once that was not on the calendar I pulled on the Valentine's banner and pulled V!Alm and Claude
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Here it is. I'm the most horrible hoarder ever, but...I'd really like a 5* +10. So, I'd like to try once more.


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(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Laughingman_S

1 week ago#68
So the last ticket has come through, and now would be the time to pull for the last 4 Bectors. What was the median again? 388 orbs?

It was a little worse than average to start with, taking 250 orbs for the first two Bectors. But it took a long time to pull the next one. How bad was it by the end?

800 orbs. That's the 96th percentile.

After that, I am once again feeling extremely disheartened and demotivated with this game. What should have been an easy pull for 4 units (on a f***ing Hero Fest) ended up costing me 3 months of orbs. This was not worth 3 months of my patience. I know how RNG can be, and I know that I could be screwed over even harder on a Mythic banner. That's no comfort to me - It merely highlights the futility of summoning.
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User Info: matizero

1 week ago#69
CJwat11 posted...
Really long and wacky story that I don't believe should be shared here.
Hehe ok 😝 ppl mentioned this Ben here so was curious wth is he. If its not worth sharing - I believe you @CJwat11 πŸ˜€

@Laughingman_S oh man, thats some s***ty luck :/ I know its 4 person banner but, hell, its 5% Rate! Did you have some good pity breakers at least?
I can’t believe that this HF banner took 800 Orbs to pull 3 Bectors.. imagine pulling for +10 ex on this one and have such luck.. like.. wth!? I have s*** luck for like half a year so I know what you mean with being disheartened and demotivated with FEH heh

User Info: matizero

1 week ago#70
And post your Bector when he’s finished πŸ˜€
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