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User Info: Sad_Face

2 weeks ago#101
matizero posted...
Am I the only one who didn’t want @MorphFE to summon till 9999 orbs?
The dreaded 10K limit is a nightmare that signifies IS has put in literally nothing that interests you in this game. I wouldn't wish anyone to end up saving that much.

And AR is the coolest and hardest mode in the game to compete in, of course I'd be thinking of AR. Every other mode not named Hall of Forms, you have a billion and 2 chances where as in AR, every single point counts and you have a limited amount of tries. With scoring, I don't particularly put much attention to it because it's either you deck out your units with all the highest scoring skills or you won't make it. In Mjolnir Strike, have no T4 C skills to give away and no extra rally+ skills to give away. So I'm stuck at 796 till the RNGoddess blesses me again. Why bother pay attention to scoring if it boils what top tier skills you can roll and not your inbattle decision skills?

Also forgot to mention, it's good to have both an omega tank and vantage tank as options. There are some maps that are ruthless for an omega tank to handle tanking so many hits where a Vantage tank has no trouble cleaning up. Conversely, there are maps with too many or unsnipeable hardy bearing/firesweep/dazzle units that you're better off tanking. I also am testing out running Brave Axe Surtr for a Galeforce team since Astra is my lazy week. Yeah, it's rough getting him places. If this were a normal enemy phase Surtr, I could rock a smite bonus unit and generally would be fine.
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User Info: omegazeroINFI

2 weeks ago#102
matizero posted...
Am I the only one who didn’ want @MorphFE to summon till 9999 orbs? 😝 I wanted to see what happens when you reach this milestone.. @MorphFE can you summon at the end of the banner if it stays for at least a month? That way we would know what happens and you would have time to hit 9999 😀

But do what you have to do - if you want her asap who am I to say that you can’t hehe :))

i personally wanted morph to summon in hopes my orb count can reach 10k first, but after seeing his count in this thread, hed have to have terrible luck for me to catch up.

6857 orbs, 273 of those are from my secondary goal of trying to get the max number of orbs on 1 feh page. i legit want to see how many orbs you can fit on 1 page before i claim it.i dare anyone to beat it when i do.

User Info: matizero

2 weeks ago#103
@Sad_Face I don’t disagree and I didn’t say anything about it BUT I also like AR mode. It may be heresy to some but I do believe thats the best mode in this game 😀

About scoring: yep, to sum it up thats the idea though MS is somewhat s***ty in this department because if you have 4x corresponding Mythics it doesn’t matter what are the other units (at least for high high hiiiiigh scoring that is). I’m biased probably because until I hit tier 21 in arena I will aim high in this s***ty mode.

@omegazeroINFI you didn’t post last week and forgot that you’re second 😝 hopefully no unit will interest you till 9999 😀😝

User Info: Laughingman_S

2 weeks ago#104
I'm afraid I don't share your enthusiasm for AR. Whilst I agree that it's the most competitive mode (based on actual team comp and play, rather than mere BST score), I tend to find it to be a chore. I so often run into similar cheesey comps that I've long-since grown weary of the mode. I safely make T25-26 every week, but that's often after half-assing a few runs just to get it done.

I still want units that will make AR more comfortable, but I don't want to focus on it entirely. I'd like to pick the boon with the most flexibility for different builds. This would be especially important when he gets his refine, as a more generally-useful boon is more likely to fit whatever his refine is. Future-proofing is also a concern - Though neutral Atk and Def might be sufficient for now, the relentless stat creep may mean that he needs those boons to keep up with new units.

@km25 @Concession You guys also recently finished merging your own Bectors. I notice you both went with +Atk - Could you share your thought process on choosing +Atk over +Def or +Res?

I'm being very indecisive, as usual. After losing so many orbs, I want to be sure that I make a decision that I can be happy with long term. Still, I'm hoping to settle on a nature and build him up tomorrow so that I can share him with y'all.
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User Info: IzayoiHaze

1 week ago#105
1133 orbs today! I haven't increased much because I was pulling occasionally still for LG!Faye hoping to fix that -Atk bane. I ended up with another copy of duo Alm and Celica instead though aaand decided that was good enough. I need to save for the three houses characters I really want atm. Speaking of which...

I'd like for Claude to be removed from my wishlist and for Yuri to replace him! Thank you! I love Claude still but after playing cindered shadows I really like Yuri more. It doesn't help he's purple which is my favorite color-
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User Info: Concession

1 week ago#106
Honestly don't remember why. I started merging him as +atk a long time ago and never bothered to revisit it. Don't really think about this game anymore.
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User Info: DBean

1 week ago#107
509 orbs. Dropped every orb this week plus two to get a couple of 5* pulls off the Valentine's banner.

User Info: RisingFlames

1 week ago#108
632 orbs saved up

User Info: Sgt_Pepper

1 week ago#109
Closing out the week with 101 orbs.

I had previously made Valentine Alm a summoning target but got him on Oscar Sunday after about 110-ish orbs in total- and thanks to all the BHB rehashes my stock has replenished. Hoping to save a bit more for the Legendary banner, for which I will be sniping Red/Colorless for Sothis, Duma, and L!Alm. After that I’ll probably just try to save for saving’s sake.

Also, non sequitur: Is there anything I can do with a +Res, -Def Mist? I got pitybroken by her doing a YOLO summon on the Valor Skills banner and don’t really plan on building her at all. The only healers I could feasibly see myself building are F2P ones (namely, Mercedes, Brady, or maybe V!Silque).
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User Info: Poison-puffs

1 week ago#110
Ending on 2356
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