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User Info: Sad_Face

1 week ago#1

Bluezie: She's the treasurer. She also takes part in the Fire Emblem Heroes Discord. You can contact her for a link if you so wish.
Rot8er_ConeX: Google Doc Architect
NoviceTenchi: FEH News Reporter
CJwat11: FEH News Reporter


1) Anyone who has 0 orbs will not be listed for the week.

2) Doc Wishlists: Can contain an unlimited number of units.
Topic Ranking Wishlists: Will only contain the first two units on the Doc Wishlist. All other units will be replaced with "etc." Additions and removals of units will be required to reflect a proper update.

3) If a person does not list their orbs for an entire week, they will not be added to the beginning of the new thread.

4) Only 1 account can be used per person. We do not add alt accounts to the list.

5) Non-exact numbers, or implied totals will NOT be added to the doc. For example, if you say "I have just over 100 orbs", then your total will not be updated.

6) Those who reach the Heroic Spirit tier will be added to the Throne of Heroes, a spot that will be immortalized at the top of the tier lists indefinitely. A screenshot will be required to be added to the Throne of Heroes. Newcomers or those who post infrequently yet qualify for the Heroic Spirit tier will be subject to a temporary probation period from entering the Throne of Heroes to establish themselves as members of this community. Further details will be brought to light as the situation occurs.

7) The current cut off period for updates to orb counts is 12:00AM AST


-Alix- was the founder of the topic series, Wrath_LOS took up the torch and now has passed the opportunity onward
imgtc.com/i/4HgTl0ebzq.jpg imgtc.com/i/60CWP2Gtlg.gif

User Info: Sad_Face

1 week ago#2
NoviceTenchi [https://imgur.com/gallery/T9Es8cs <Heroic Status achieved 6/8/2018>]
Link_king_ownz [https://imgur.com/a/4VpMVDZ <Heroic Status achieved 6/26/2018>]
StryfeK [https://imgur.com/a/zgZZ8OQ <Heroic Status achieved 8/4/2018>]
Appleforce [https://imgur.com/a/EhUcA3J <Heroic Status achieved 8/18/2018>]
Deathborn 668 [https://imgur.com/YUvNQsV <Heroic Status achieved 8/29/2018>]
Bluezie [https://imgur.com/a/zdIvA8n <Heroic Status achieved 9/1/2018>]
Roidpert [https://imgur.com/a/kAL0PYL <Heroic Status achieved 9/15/2018>]
Sad_Face [https://imgur.com/Uid6dkt <Heroic Status achieved 12/4/2018>]
KariyaLollipop [https://imgur.com/a/EKak3gW <Heroic Status achieved 12/20/2018>]
Poison-puffs [https://imgur.com/a/paE6Ujb <Heroic Status achieved 1/1/2019>]
Laughingman_S [https://imgur.com/a/ZSoeBnG <Heroic Status achieved 1/19/2019>]
Wiltedflower [https://imgur.com/rPSkKiM <Heroic Status achieved 3/2/2019>]
MorphFE [https://imgur.com/mUJwN2q <Heroic Status achieved 3/2/2019>]
omegazeroINFI [https://imgur.com/a/JCfUG6f <Heroic Status achieved 3/15/2019>]
DakoandTheMacaw [https://imgur.com/gallery/fgta0zc <Heroic Status achieved 3/27/2019>]
JonMan [https://imgur.com/a/ejvLX0t <Heroic Status achieved 4/22/2019>]
HowdyHowdy [https://imgur.com/lpxrwyo <Heroic Status achieved 8/3/2019>]
SoloCross [https://imgur.com/ltbhKZs <Heroic Status achieved 8/10/2019>]
albertojz356 [ https://imgur.com/RDYwMtU <Heroic Status achieved 1/19/2020>]
Magicxgame [https://imgur.com/a/QBVhDsu <Heroic Status achieved 1/26/2020>]
Saikokineshisu [https://imgur.com/a/DWSVLII <Heroic Status achieved 1/30/2020>]

Heroic Spirits Tier (2000+)
MorphFE - 9702 (Leila)
Emeraldsz - 3129 (Valentines Banner, CYL)
Bluezie - 3057 (Azel, Kiragi, etc.)
Laughingman_S - 2528 (Mythic Heroes, Hero Fest)
Sad_Face - 2300 (The Dancing Wife Of The Person Whose Children Are Fathered By Ike)
Poison-puffs - 2278 (Hel, Mercedes, etc.)
Saikokineshisu - 2112 (Knoll, Lehran)
albertojz356 - 2100 (Calil, Elice)
Magicxgame - 2096 (Dorothea, alt!Faye, etc.)
Wiltedflower - 2076 (L!Julia)
guedesbrawl - 2000 (alt!Sakura, Bernadetta)
Deathborn 668 - 2000 (Beat Orb Record)

EX-Tier (1500 - 1999)
Urodos - 1900 (Lysithea, Mila, etc.)
matizero - 1704 (None)

S-Tier (1000 - 1499)
km25 - 1458 (Bramimond or 3000 Orbs)
IzayoiHaze - 1106 (alt!Boey, Ashe, etc.)

A-Tier (500 - 999)
charcoalswift - 910 (B!Edelgard, Lysithea, etc.)
Concession - 782 (B!Micaiah, B!Hector)
EpicRome23 - 690 (Jill, Lysithea)
YoJaye - 688 (alt!Linde, alt!Soleil)
CrazyDiamondSP - 642 (Altina, Yune, etc.)
GhostAggron - 591 (Clair)
Xephilon - 558 (Lysithea, alt!Roy)
RisingFlames - 542 (None)
SilentWanderer - 539 (Legendary Hero, Mythic Heroes)
DoubleDragon - 535 (alt!Hana, Thorr)
DBean - 511 (S!Lyn)
AndyYagami - 507 (Rhea)
Dysias - 501 (H!Ilyana, March Mythic Reds)

B-Tier (300 - 499)
-Tooner- - 491 (Post Time Skip Marianne)
Cody82 - 452 (L!Celica, L!Micaiah, etc.)
Eldeon - 432 (Dimitri, B!Hector, etc.)
Light_Dragon - 379 (Dorothea, Flayn)
CJwatt11 - 300 (B!Lysithea, L!Tiki merges, etc.)

C-Tier (200 - 299)

D-Tier (100 - 199)
Alligamer72 - 159 (Bernadetta, Leonie, etc.)
Wanderer__ - 159 (None)
NoviceTenchi - 149 (Muspell Alts, NY!Laevatein)
SuperPokeGal123 - 140 (Duma)
Yukure - 109 (L!Julia, F!Berkut, etc.)
Kayiel - 102 (alt!Anna, alt!Panne, etc.)

E-Tier (1 - 99)
rrobin - 18 (F!F!Corrin, H!Jakob, etc.)
Edgardo4415 - 15 (Lysithea, L!Ninian, etc.)
Sgt_Pepper - 5 (L!Alm, February Legendary Banner, etc.)
imgtc.com/i/4HgTl0ebzq.jpg imgtc.com/i/60CWP2Gtlg.gif
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Sad_Face

1 week ago#3
Orb Related News Week 105 Recap


Hello guys! Welcome back to our weekly gifted orb count! Last week was pretty generous. The big bad Tempest Trials+ showed up. Along with a lot of daily maps, BHB revivals, and quests in general. A daunting new type of quest appeared - defeat 1,000 foes! Of course even this quest could be completed with 15 minutes of autobattling Rival Domains. Either way, the new banner brought new Paralogue chapters as well! Continue hoarding your orbs guys!

New Seals:

Squad Ace AE
Defiant Spd
Even Atk Wave
Close Guard

New F2P Units:

4*/5* Silque - Selfless Cleric


1: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
1: Daily Login Bonus
1: KO Foe Quest
3: 3rd Anniv. (1) Quests
1: Bound Hero Party Quest
2: 3rd Anniv. Daily Maps Part 1


1: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
2: 3rd Anniv. Daily Maps Part 2
5: BHB Rerun - Marth & Caeda
4: Voting Gauntlet Quests
1: Arena 4th tier reward
1~5: Arena tier orbs, depending on rank
1~5: Allegiance Battles Orbs


1: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
2: 3rd Anniv. Daily Maps Part 3
1: Bound Hero Party


3: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
2: 3rd Anniv. Daily Maps Part 4
2: Squad Assault 31
1: Tempest Trials Login Bonus


1: Tempest Trials Login Bonus
4: Defeat a 1,000 Foes Quests
2: 3rd Anniv. Daily Maps Part 5


1: Tempest Trials Login Bonus
1: Special Heroes Login Bonus
9: Paralogue 43 - Lovely Gifts
3: Lovely Gifts Quests
2: 3rd Anniv. Daily Maps Part 6


1: Tempest Trials Login Bonus
1: Special Heroes Login Bonus
1: KO Foe
1: Rival Domains Map
2: 3rd Anniv. Daily Maps Part 7
42: Tempest Trials+ - Romance Whirlwind

Total Possible Orbs for the week of 2/2/20 - 2/8/20 : 115 orbs!

- @NoviceTenchi
- @CJwat11

Community Related News

In community related news, I should be upfront to say that the current tentative plans for the hoarding topic anniversary, of our little homebody group that was first created by @_Alix_ way back in 2/4/2018 (I didn't say anything then, whoops), is going to be simpler than last year, we're going with just the mural of our +10s rolled for for the year. If anyone has objections, then I'm all ears. I've personally been juggling a number of projects out there, so I'm not too keen on committing to anything big. And, more importantly, one of our dearly beloved hoarders and the architect for the insane video, Link_king_ownz has departed... from FEH. May he continue enjoying FE in peace (EFEIP)

As a reminder, in effort to help avoid any errors on the tier list, we ask that you either bold and/or ping @Bluezie when you want to make any changes to the wishlist. In long posts, it's easy for it to get washed away in the ocean of words. And if you don't see your update in the tier list, especially the preview tier list, be sure to speak up and don't hesitate to PM me. We're only human so mistakes are possible, but we'll be taking steps to make the updates go more smoothly.

Useful links:
Revival Banner lineup - https://imgur.com/a/teLSBj5
Summoning statistics - http://www.fullyconcentrated.net/fehstatsim/
Legendary Hero Return schedule - https://imgur.com/kAM2XFI

Happy hoarding!
imgtc.com/i/4HgTl0ebzq.jpg imgtc.com/i/60CWP2Gtlg.gif
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User Info: Average_Owain

1 week ago#4
Reporting 725 Orbs here! Dorothea is the main goal, and... that’s it for now, I think.
Currently recovering from the experience that was Doki Doki Literature Club!.
Fawful, Owain, Dimentio, and Sans are in Smash 5! AND DOROTHEA WHAT
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: rrobin

1 week ago#5
162 orbs. The anniversary event helped me get back up on my feet.
FEH: 7962740165 / discord: pencil#4992
Official husbando of Robin and Marianne. Friendly neighborhood noob.

User Info: Sad_Face

1 week ago#6
Yeah.. So CYL2 was good to me. Very good to me in fact. Free summon, B!Eliwood (+DEF/-SPD), First ticket, B!Alm (+DEF/-RES). I was on a roll correct? But then the tickets corrected back down from the insane lucky high so I got nothing to note afterwards. Still, 2 5*s, back to back, nonetheless, right? No. I want legs- I mean Micaiah. I've waited long enough and she hasn't graced my barracks yet. So like any degenerate crypto trader watching literally every other altcoin pump while theirs plummets in value, I FOMOed (Fear of Missing Out). I went ALL. IN.

And by all in, I meant I'd keep throwing orbs till she came. Got B!Eliwood (+HP/-DEF) to either fix his bane or fodder that goldmine of skills. Got Pitybroken by Reyson and am now terrified of the sight of his portrait popping up in the summoning session. At the point where I am about to breach the 200 orb count, boom Mickey pops up. Couldn't be more pleased, but wait, there's another green! Boom, Mickey comes home too. I'm on fire! Then I promptly wasted more orbs not getting of note on that summoning session. But hey, 2 Focus units, my target units, both on the same session no?

+RES/-ATK and then +HP/-DEF when I remembered to check. Don't know if I want to fodder for that beautiful C skill or merge her up to +2 since I have had her CYL banner on hand just in case I didn't get pitybroken by her over the course of the year. The thing is, this banner I couldn't pass up over with the beautiful 5% rate. I suppose it would have been better to +10 her straight up. But... first thing's first. +10 Blue Mythic, preferable Male, comes with Penny, Astra, has awesome art and is more useful than Naga.

1480 orbs in hand, 732 to pick up, so 2212 orbs in total. I solemnly swear I am up to no good... things, like summoning, and am totally focusing on hitting 3K now. Even though I said that last month.

Thanks for reading my blog, /blogfaqs
imgtc.com/i/4HgTl0ebzq.jpg imgtc.com/i/60CWP2Gtlg.gif
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User Info: Laughingman_S

1 week ago#7
The CYL2 Hero Fest is here, so I'll be rolling blues to try for the last few Bector merges. For now, I'll stick to tickets, plus any blues that show up in their circle.

Free summon - 1 blue.
1st Ticket - 2 blues.
Orbs spent - 4.
The Organisation has infiltrated this board! El, Psy, Kongroo.
FEH ID: 7735702789, Lead: Altina +10
Gonna start this week with 186 orbs (171 on hand, 15 with Feh). I don't believe I've had this many FTP orbs on me in months, sad as that is to say. However, things can only move up now that I have a focus in mind. Here's to hoping I reach at least 250 orbs by the end of the week.

Happy hoarding!
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User Info: guedesbrawl

1 week ago#9
Ah geeze, I forgot to update here. I even counted my feh bank orbs to get a number, but... *sigh*

Not that anyone will believe me anyway. But atm I have 1514 orbs.
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User Info: charcoalswift

1 week ago#10

966 orbs :)
Plz drop the CYL4 Brave Banner😁
Elite 4 Waifus: Sothis, Rhea, Edelgard, Lysithea
FIRE EMBLEM HEROES ID: 248-204-9437 (+10 Winter Sothis)
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