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User Info: Poison-puffs

1 week ago#1
So many characters missing
You know who isn’t missing Hector & Lyn

Still need Oswin, Erk, Sain, Isadora, Marcus, Nergal, Sonia, Dieck, Miledy, & Nils

Solid stories & casts

Eliwood was king of last year
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User Info: Alligamer72

1 week ago#2
Where in the f*** are sain and Kent? Where is erk? Where is Marcus?

Hell even eliwood and Roy are shafted compared to hector and Lyn.

Need more villains too, only have zephiel and Ursula atm, besides the fangs or Wyvern generals.

Like fe7 a lot, probably mainly because of nostalgia but it's a solid game overall.

User Info: km25

1 week ago#3
Sounds more like an overrepresentation of Hector/Lyn/Eliwood than a lack of representation of other characters from these games. That being said, Nils's absence is really strange considering we have Ninian, and even a Ninian alt. And Nergal (or even Limstella) would have made a more interesting GHB than Linus.

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

1 week ago#4
It is upsetting to me that we have 20 legendary heroes and 8 mythic heroes, but still no Athos.

Also no regular Pent, and we may never get it.

Also also no Sain, the character who I used to kill my first FE final boss.

Also also also no Geese.

Also also also also all of these alts, but no old man Karel.

Lastly... so many f***ing Hectors and Lyns, but not one is wielding Wolf Beil or Mani Katti?


... oh yeah and they could totally do Ephidel who had an awesome design and was criminally underused some well deserved justice, but nope.
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User Info: Poison-puffs

1 week ago#5
Definitely would love to see Ephidel in heroes he’s such a wasted character.
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User Info: dotsdfe

1 week ago#6
FE7 has really solid representation, but I think that:
  1. Some all-stars really need to finally show up. Kent and Sain are weird omissions this late in, and Pent/Louise should be de-Charlotte'd. Past that, Marcus, Oswin, Erk, Nils, and a number of villains are weirdly missing and deserve slots. I could also easily make the case for Wil, Farina, Dart, Heath, Guy, and so on. FE7 has a decently popular cast, and there are still some pretty big names missing.
  2. Its alts distribution needs to be changed...a lot. If your name isn't Eliwood, Lyn, Hector, or Nino, you're probably never getting an alt, or you might land a rando one. Where are our Serra alts? Or Matthew? Florina? Hawkeye? etc.? There are a lot of fairly popular FE7 units who could be getting alts over Lyn's 19th variant.

I think FE6 has gotten better overall with its two 2019 banners knocking out some big names. With that said, Miledy and Dieck are both still really odd omissions. I'd love to see Zeiss (who may have a shot if Miledy ever arrives) and Dorothy (who will never be added unless she lucks into insta-demote status if those continue). FE6's cast is pretty big IIRC, but I don't think a lot of them are super super popular, so it remains to be seen how many of them can realistically get in.

Like FE7, though, I'd like to see them branch out in alts from just Roy/Lilina.
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User Info: blasster

1 week ago#7
Lumping Elibe together is honestly bad cuz time gap and vastly different cast.

Like, for FE7, the most "off" thing is prob Nergal and all his morphs not in the game, despite being the actual antagonist of FE7.

Heck, you can even make four units banner with Nergal Sonia Limstella Ephidel.

Don't even get me started about the missing playable cast from FE7.....

FE7 definitely needs at least 3 banners this year, and I'm being generous on that, I think.
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User Info: Zinie95

1 week ago#8
Need Nils ASAP.

This is outrageous.

User Info: Alligamer72

1 week ago#9
Zinie95 posted...
Need Nils ASAP.

This is outrageous.

There's a chance the banner on the 20th is farfetched so have hope.

User Info: LorenzoV

1 week ago#10
Where is (monk crit animation) Aureola Lucius? WHERE, IS?

(Aureola is the nuke light bomb and has the best light magic animation right after the glorious Ivaldi).
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