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  3. What should the Xmas duo hero be?

User Info: Miraclechao

6 days ago#21
Feh and my wasted orbs. ( ._.)
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User Info: Deej

6 days ago#22
Altina and Altina. After practicing so much on duplicating swords, she learned how to duplicate herself.
Hey, everyone, what's going on in this topic? Oh.

User Info: Sideus

6 days ago#23
While Mia+Peri is a really weird pairing, it gets my vote if it gets me a Christmas Peri alt.
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User Info: Alligamer72

6 days ago#24
Ngl that Lucina nowi one sounds amazing. It'll probably never happen though.

User Info: MiniMarioBros

6 days ago#25
Dysias6 posted...
Cherche riding Minerva please.
(edited 6 days ago)
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  3. What should the Xmas duo hero be?
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