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User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

1 week ago#1
Tis the season (to give I$ your money)~! - Results (52 votes)
Fjorm & Eir, book 2 and 3 main OCs unite~!
9.62% (5 votes)
Veronica & Xander, OC and non-OC wholesome duo!? Also 4 Veronica's before OG Veronica~!?
11.54% (6 votes)
Alm & Celica, with double lion duo gifts~! (and both getting emblem teams at once!)
17.31% (9 votes)
Nino & Jaffar, giving the gift~! (of death?)
11.54% (6 votes)
Eliwood & Roy, because every duo hero has to have a baby~! *snickers*
11.54% (6 votes)
Lucina & Nowi, giving Nowi a piggy back ride in the art, but she rides dragon Nowi during combat~!
9.62% (5 votes)
Mia & Peri. The death of your sense of hearing~!
5.77% (3 votes)
Corrin & Corrin... holy s*** will there be salt~!
13.46% (7 votes)
Azura & Shigure, the most broken dancer yet~!
3.85% (2 votes)
Sakura & Elise, spreading happiness EVERYWHERE~! (and both getting emblem teams at once!)
5.77% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
No characters not in the game yet, so no fun combinations like Loki & Thorr, Seteth & Flan, etc etc.

Also I wanted do Camilla & Tharja for the most controversial hero yet, but Tharja already has an Xmas alt.

Also we better get a santa hat as an accessory this year, doesn't even need to involve any sort of bondage, just give it from tap battle or something!
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User Info: Dysias6

1 week ago#2
Cherche riding Minerva please.

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

1 week ago#3
Dysias6 posted...
Cherche riding Minerva please.

"Snack time Minerva~!"
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User Info: StellaLunaris

1 week ago#4
Honestly, not having a duo of Christmas cavs on a Christmas banner is a wasted opportunity.

I guess the ninja-bros from Fates count as Christmas cavs, so they can play it safe with a Fates unit and I can get a Kaze alt.
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User Info: DreadKaiser

1 week ago#5
Elf-Tiki and Santa Ban-ban
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User Info: JonMan

1 week ago#6
The Lucina and Nowi idea is pretty sweet, but I doubt they'd do that. I'd roll for it.
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User Info: DoubleDragon

1 week ago#7
Piggyback duo needs to happen for there to be a silver lining around these heroes.
Abyssal Clears W/Nowi, Hana, Cecilia

User Info: Oresama

1 week ago#8
Santa Hel & Young Elf Eir
6* when?

User Info: guedesbrawl

1 week ago#9
"sees Sakura"

Oh my, what a difficult pool this one is.
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User Info: Umbreon

1 week ago#10
Making me choose between Nino&Jaffar and Sakura&Elise is so cruel!
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