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User Info: Alligamer72

1 week ago#11

Took 43 orbs but I got her! -atk of course because f*** me right? +res though.

Only other thing of note was a +atk Mercedes in the same circle which is great.

Free pull was 3* ares.

User Info: DoubleDragon

1 week ago#12
80 orbs to get +HP/-DEF Altina.
4 more orbs to finish out red (WoM).
Got Julia 9 orbs in.
3 circles didn't have red stones.
Abyssal Clears W/Nowi, Hana, Cecilia
(edited 1 week ago)
33 orbs and I got two. I heavily debated pulling the 2nd red, but She was -Attack so I gambled

My Tsundere trio! Courtesy of metallic_trance. :D
170 orbs in, wanted Sothis, Altina, L!Marth, and Duma...
And I somehow got -atk +res Altina, -hp +def Sothis, -atk +spd Sothis, and a +atk -def Duma. And I still have 100 orbs.
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User Info: saltymuch_jpg

1 week ago#15
L!Julia and first one too. I think she’s +HP -Def which works just fine
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User Info: Pickley-

1 week ago#16
free pull lucius

30 orbs ish later i got +atk sothis wooo

User Info: dotsdfe

1 week ago#17
60 orbs got me:
First Valbar with bad IVs
Third L. Tiki (+ATK/-HP), finally a good IV on her. Not sure if I'll merge her at all or use the others as fodder.
Another Fjorm (+ATK/-DEF), need to decide if I want +ATK or +DEF as a base.
First L. Marth (+SPD/-RES)

Not bad. Really wish I had gotten Altina or Julia, but I had some solid luck and I feel content stopping.
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User Info: SirRobX

1 week ago#18
Fjorm came home!

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And to think I was going to skip green and colorless out of the 8% gate. Glad I changed my mind.

Insane 8% luck

+Atk -HP for S!Laev
+Res -HP for Duma
+Spd -Def for B!Fjorm

Even Hinata and Silvia are the kind of 3-4* units I look for.
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User Info: DreadKaiser

1 week ago#20
got 2 Gunnthras on first ring
one is +SPD
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