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  3. Who actually wants Heavy Blade 4?

User Info: brainrotter

1 week ago#1
No one really uses Flashing Blade 4, is HB4 the same way?
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User Info: LorenzoV

1 week ago#2
People who enjoy doing true damage love FB4 and HB4. Duo EphLyon are one of the best users of that A skill.
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User Info: DreadKaiser

1 week ago#3
No one uses FB 4 my ass

I wanted HB4 for Soleil but sadly didn't get it
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User Info: _venport_

1 week ago#4
Mareeta loves using FB4, as do most speedy sword infantry units, considering they're usually not quite so high up on the attack stats. What are you on, saying no one wants the skill?

Regardless, good users of HB4? Units that have a high attack stat, but not quite so high that they're more likely to just one-shot.
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User Info: super_felicia

1 week ago#5
Og ephraim and legendary ephraim fittingly enough
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User Info: CeruleanGamer

1 week ago#6

Since you will most likely have Heavy Blade seal on Tibarn, you can have a 2nd threatening beast Galeforcer if he has it as an A slot.
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User Info: Epic_Manky

1 week ago#7
I gave it to my Jamke lol
...And I meant that in the worst way possible.
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User Info: Oresama

1 week ago#8
Naesala is scary with it because if you can activate both his prf and A skill you'll get up to 12 true dmg x 2.
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User Info: catchthemouser

1 week ago#9
brainrotter posted...
No one really uses Flashing Blade 4
Excuse you, I would love FB4 for my Ishtar
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User Info: _venport_

1 week ago#10
52 Attack at full investment isn't going to be the most reliable for actually activating it, however. I'm pretty sure the skill takes in-combat buffs into calculation.
"DUDE! FACE! Why aren't you dead?"--Pete Abrams' Bun-Bun
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