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User Info: tankerminion1

1 week ago#1
It's over!

Next up we have the original voice behind the voice of Byleth. Although he was replaced, I feel he still deserves his poll. This guy was probably the only drama Three Houses had upon its release but I will say I actually liked how he voiced Byleth.
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After he got replaced, I just played the game on mute. I don't like the new Byleth voice.
I was wrong.
(message deleted)
I've gotten used to Byleth's new voice in both Heroes and Three Houses, but I still think I prefer Niosi's take.
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User Info: Dysias6

1 week ago#5
Never cared for how much a blank slate Byleth is, but he did a good job for the little he had to work with.

User Info: LingFromXing

1 week ago#6
I prefer him as Byleth. He seems like a good dude, wouldn't say I'm a huge fan but he definitely didn't deserve to get screwed.
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User Info: Tight-Knots

1 week ago#7
Before he was replaced, I refused to play M Byleth!!
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User Info: super_felicia

1 week ago#8
He seemed like a cool guy with all the work he did on fan projects and all that.
I respected him but ive kinda lost respect with the abuse controversies
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User Info: LorenzoV

1 week ago#9
People seem to forget that the person and the work are different things.
Regardless of what he did, he wasn't a bad Byleth. At first I thought it was too deep for him, but it just suits Byleth.
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User Info: yomomma0919

1 week ago#10
Yes. I didn't update my 3H since I like his old voice much better, but after my current playthrough I'll just play F Byleth.
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