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User Info: WolfishOne

4 days ago#12
O YeAh Just LIEK a KniGHt
#Byleth and Sora 4 Smash

User Info: Due_Air

4 days ago#13
There are some characters i like. But they share the same poll with characters i dont like/care.
(message deleted)

User Info: super_felicia

4 days ago#15
Nice design
Love his personality
Love his voice.

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User Info: GeneratorLeon

4 days ago#16
MNX6689 posted...
you unironically like him???

I was kidding, but i honestly do think he's a perfectly decent protag.
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Claude von Riegan is best boy
My favorite lord has always been Eliwood, but its really a throw up between him and Alm ever since I played Echoes.
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User Info: Sideus

4 days ago#19
WolfishOne posted...
Sideus posted...
Ike. Every other lord in the series has been ~Special~ in some way, meaning nobility/royalty and/or some kind of chosen one with unique powers. But Ike was just an ordinary dude who achieved great feats on his own merits, and that makes him my very favorite kind of protagonist.

Yes it doesn't matter that his sword was blessed by the goddess and bypasses legendary armour yep all by himself on with no powers.
But ye Ike is best mc

He accomplished plenty without Ragnell. He didn't even start using it in PoR until the BK fight, and he did plenty without it in RD as well.

Anyway, the important point here is that he wasn't some kind of magical chosen one (Micaiah, Robin, Alm/Celica) and he wasn't nobility/royalty (basically everyone else). He was a common mercenary who kicked ass solely because he was a professional ass-kicker.
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User Info: LorenzoV

4 days ago#20
Rebel89 posted...
Never even played his game and it’s Ike. Hector is a close second with Eliwood and Lyn
Never play his game because he has the personality of a potato that wants to protect his friends.
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