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  3. +Atk or +Res for +5 Kana?

User Info: Model-OX

1 week ago#1
Just scored a free Kana with +Atk. My current one is +Res. While I’d ultimately want a +Spd one, I’m not sure if Res or Atk make for a good second option.
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User Info: LorenzoV

1 week ago#2
Res. It's a superboon and Kana is a defensive unit, unlike AFCorrin.
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User Info: Sad_Face

1 week ago#3
+RES. You can make up for the ATK in other ways whereas +RES reduces 4x2 to 0x2.

But yes, thanks to advent of L!Alm and so many speedster units, +SPD is as appealing as a defensive boon as RES to prevent them from getting doubles.
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User Info: Meganium7

1 week ago#4
if you're going DC then res, otherwise I'd say there's merit to atk

User Info: DreadKaiser

1 week ago#5
RES no matter what
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  3. +Atk or +Res for +5 Kana?
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