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User Info: MRsleepyhead

4 days ago#11
4* raven meh just wanted Nino merges Damnit
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User Info: Poison-puffs

4 days ago#12
Not a single green
3* F Corrin
Star Platinum OP please nerf - Dio Brando
Sheer Heart Attack has no weakness

User Info: Sgt_Pepper

4 days ago#13
One red and four colorless. Pulled a 3* Lon’qu with +Spd, -Res IV’s, and bailed.

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User Info: Deej

4 days ago#14
Zinie95 posted...
Deej posted...
On the bright side, there was a green orb. On the not-so-bright side, 4* Soren :[
Soren is always superior.

But...the Kana merges...
Hey, everyone, what's going on in this topic? Oh.

User Info: Shugo702

4 days ago#15
4* Valbar (+ATK, -HP)

First one, cool.

User Info: shawnwalker

4 days ago#16
F2P/master of the unorthodox. Edgy archer boi Tankumi (Updated): https://imgur.com/a/AiLap6M

User Info: tankerminion1

4 days ago#17
No greens. 4* Mercedes
Deer Daddy for CYL4

User Info: RiverSquirtle

4 days ago#18
4* Bartre

User Info: Dragonfly32

4 days ago#19
+atk/-Res 4* Python, honestly got more excited for this then I would’ve pulling Kana
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No greens

4* Laslow
Sanctuary Resort City on ps4
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