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User Info: VectorAgent

1 week ago#1
Summoner, I shall do three things for you. I will raise five units in your barracks to +10 merges, I will give you five units of your choosing exclusively for fodder purposes (must be five separate units, no repeats), and I will give you five units you want that you have not previously summoned. What are your choices?

-PA Shigure (currently +2)
-Halloween Mia (currently +1)
-Lewyn (currently +3)
-Brave Veronica (currently +1)
-Idunn (currently +1)

The first two are seasonals I love and I’ll basically never +10 them outside of actually discovering the FEH Genie. Lewyn and Veronica are two of my most used units, and I figure that if I’ve got Idunn at +10 then I can just fodder any future copies for Fort. Def/Res without even thinking about it.

-Brave Ephraim (Special Fighter, which I’d like to get for my L Tiki)
-Brave Celica (Death Blow 4, which I’d like to give to Navarre)
-NY Azura (Earth Dance, the one dance passive my PA Shigure does not have yet)
-Legendary Hector (can always use more DC, and may as well go with the legendary version in case the unit I give it to could also make use of Vengeful Fighter)
-Takumi (Close Counter, why not?)

New Units
-Valentine’s Greil
-Soirée Reinhardt
-Brave Camilla (I tend to support dancers with healers, and she would be a good compliment to the above-mentioned Reinhardt I think)
-Linde (really won’t blow orbs chasing her, but I’d like to have her and she has eluded me on all banners she appeared on this far. Maybe I’ll get lucky on the free summon on her next weekly revival)
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User Info: OmnimonX12345

1 week ago#2
Genies always have a backside, what's the catch?
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User Info: Oresama

1 week ago#3
OmnimonX12345 posted...
Genies always have a backside, what's the catch?

He gets to rub your magic lamp afterwards
6* when?

User Info: RMysterio

1 week ago#4
To 5* +10

Duo Hector
Legendary Alm
Soiree Reinhardt
Picnic Genny

To fodder
Summer Lilina
Fallen Mareeta
Winter Tharja

To get in barracks
Duo Ephraim
Winter Eirika
Legendary Julia

To explain, pretty much the 5*+10 are either duo units, hard to get legendaries/seasonals or Gerik. The fodder listing, I want lots of NFU, NCD, Broadleaf Fan and CC. The barrack units are the ones I think are unique enough to warrant a spot or Sothis who can help out with my planned AR-D team with Gerik.

I probably would have wanted to 5*+10 a few more like Caineghis or Duma but those 5 were at the top of my list.
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User Info: SilentWanderer

1 week ago#5
Genies always have me worried because of how much they're dicks in folklore but I'll bite


-Legendary Ike
-OG Gunnthra
-Legendary Alm
-Halloween Hector
-Fallen Tiki


-Brave Eliwood

Never summoned before:

-Winehardt (aka Airhardt aka Dancehardt aka Splendid Soiree Reinhardt)
-OG Celica
-The WAH

User Info: StellaLunaris

1 week ago#6
Put him back in the lamp.

Summon him again when and if we get more Joshua. Or at least some Dimitris.
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User Info: super_felicia

1 week ago#7
Ones i already have
Picnic felicia (+1 currently)
Laevatein (+1 currently)
Elincia (+1 currently)
Legendary ephraim (+0 currently)
Lute (+1 currently)
Special mention: yune


Summer laegjarn

New units

Summer laevatein (i just want her because waifu reasons)
Lyon ephraim duo (but i still have a chance to them if i dont definitely them)
Brave miciah
Hot springs elise
Edelgard( not because i like her but because she seems like a strong unit)

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User Info: R_Hunter

1 week ago#8
Oresama posted...
OmnimonX12345 posted...
Genies always have a backside, what's the catch?

He gets to rub your magic lamp afterwards

Eh, I'll take it.

Units to +10

Units for Fodder

Units to add
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User Info: Meganium7

1 week ago#9
I'm gonna just toss a few out here and I probably missed one or two that I would prefer but I could be sitting here for an hour mulling over something that will never actually happen if I think too hard about it

to +10:
brave micaiah
summer linde (favoritism)
minerva (I want to +10 all the macedon royals f*** you for not demoting year 1s, IS)

to fodder:
nagi (I need special fighter but she also offers a DC in addition if I change my mind)
fallen tiki (I really really want that special fighter)
nah (never had a spare boner and she can give that breath C too)
mareeta (can't go wrong)
pent (jesus christ give me a pulse smoke)

add to barracks:
leg alm who refuses to come home every time
leg julia
brave alm
summer laegjarn

User Info: BloodMoon7

1 week ago#10
1. Please don't.
2. Seriously. Don't.
3. I can't think of that many, I wouldn't be satisfied unless I summoned them myself anyway. Kindly go away or I'll take your house to my local pawn shop.
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