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User Info: StellaLunaris

6 days ago#71
Well, no focuses on the tix, but I got a Brave Hector on the third one!

Wonder who wants Bold Fighter...
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User Info: Kirugin

6 days ago#72
Free summon and 4 tickets got Gerik -ATK +SPD and -ATK +RES.

User Info: Dysias6

5 days ago#73
Tickets got me Sophia, Virion, Hawkeye (all 4*) and 3* Gunter.

User Info: soren013

5 days ago#74
My free summon was Shanna, first ticket was Gunter, and second was Nowi.
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User Info: Semeki

5 days ago#75
Huh? I pulled a Micaiah?
Huh! What! I now have all 3...

Next was a Beruka out of the 2 colorless 1 red a d the blue being Micaiah.
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User Info: HereToHelp

5 days ago#76
Nothing. As expected.

I don't think I've ever even pulled a single 5* before with those FB tickets. Ever. My luck is pretty notorious with those.

I've been spending some orbs too though. But nothing so far. Not even any good fodder. Nada.
Making mistakes is a natural and important part of life. Mistakes don't make you dumber. They make you smarter.

User Info: Epic_Manky

5 days ago#77
I think this banner is some of the best luck I've ever had.

Free HB4, along with Sirius and Tethys from tickets. Pulled the latter two in front of a friend, so you bet your ass we were freaking out lol
...And I meant that in the worst way possible.
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User Info: Turbo_TRex

5 days ago#78
2 blue, 2 Colorless, 1 Red.
Pulled 4* Jagen and 3* Florina (>.<) then left.
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User Info: drew39k

5 days ago#79
Spent all 5 tickets plus free pull. Pulled all green and blue on each circle.

Got two his fathers sons both +hp(minus atk and minus speed)

Got one minus atk flying nino( patched my minus speed one up).

Sitting at 180ish orbs, probably going to save, though I do want duo skills so....idk.
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Last bonds ticket got a +def -res Gerik on second account (and is now on-field support for my summoner-supported Marisa).

Main account didn't get focus but that last ticket got another Surtr instead.
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