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User Info: KingKracko

6 days ago#61
+Spd -HP Gerik on my free pull. Haven't used the tickets yet.
Bah... forget it, i'm not creative enough to think of a clever sig, I'll just write this.
Used the tickets and got crap. Oh well, at least I walked away with a great Selkie.

User Info: ScarletSCLS

6 days ago#63
4 tickets and 15 orbs: Brave Camilla & F. Morgan.
Morgan is +4, all free pulls

User Info: Fenumber1fan

6 days ago#64
In nearly 500 orbs (I low key whaled again, which I’m embarrassed about but I gotta get my boy) I got:

D!Ephraim (free summon)
Ewan x2 (one for keeps and one for fodder. Leo thought he was delicious)

i seriously just need one more Ephraim, cuz no matter his book it’s better than this +HP crap I got, and his bane doesn’t matter cuz they’ll be merged. According to FEHStatism I am in the 75% for getting two copies of a specific focus. And I’m pissed about it.
(edited 6 days ago)
Third ticket gave me a neutral Sirius.

...And regardless, this guy is still busted as all hell. Default 50 Atk and Spd 37 become 63 Atk and 50 Spd by just being alone. He is like the lance cavalier version of F!F!Corrin.

After that, nothing. I was only sniping for the duo, but I guess it wasn't meant to be...so I'm exploiting Masked Zeke for all he's worth by probably giving him Galeforce just to exploit his accelerated Special cooldown. Ha ha.
"Mrgrgr!" - Edea Lee
(edited 6 days ago)

User Info: Ravaryn

6 days ago#66
All the tickets + 125 orbs got me two Ephraims but they're both -Atk/+Def.

I don't think I'll be merging those. I could, but like... Heavy Blade 4 and Lull Atk/Def are both such enticing fodder.
Freebie plus two tickets on two accounts just got me random colorless and greens. Only recent one was a 4* Mercedes.

Two more tickets each then moving on. Not spending orbs on this one.
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User Info: LagiBait

6 days ago#68
Took the free pull, all 4 tix, and another 220 orbs to get the duo (no pity-breakers, either). Not very good luck, frankly, but that's the way it goes sometimes. At least I didn't spend all those resources and get pity-broken by a unit I didn't care about. That would have been a real bummer.
There is certainly some uncertainty.

User Info: Shugo702

6 days ago#69
Free pull trash (no blue/green orbs).

Got Ephraim on my 2nd ticket, +HP, -ATK

User Info: ViewtifulGene

6 days ago#70
4* + RES Mercedes.
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