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User Info: Derald_Snyder

6 days ago#51
Nothing worth mentioning.
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User Info: Franzise_D

6 days ago#52
Free pull 3* Legault
First ticket 4* Legault

Off to a good start
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User Info: Densho

6 days ago#53
Free pull: +hp -def Gerik. Not the best bane, but hey he's free so I'll take it.
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In over 300 orbs I got:

Sirius +hp -spd
Fallen Berkut -hp +def
Bow Hinoka -spd +res
Ewan +atk -spd
Tethys -spd +def
Duo Ephraim -hp +atk (this is the first time the first copy of an Ephraim version I get is +atk, I usually get -atk +res)

User Info: Lief4Heroes

6 days ago#55
Free pull was a 4* Shanna, which is what I was hoping for! Atk+/Spd- though, so I guess I'm waiting for an IV fix

Ephraim/Lyon's ticket was a 4* Bartre, haven't gotten the rest yet
Is Altena in yet? No? Okay.
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User Info: Daniel5467

6 days ago#56
4* Reyson

Happy with that cause he’s a merge project
Free: 4* Raigh

+HP/-Atk Gerik (WHY)
3* Donnel
4* Oboro
3* Florina
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Free: 4* Ross
Ticket 1: 4* Ross
Ticket 2: Ephraim/Lyon +def -res
Ticket 3: 3* Cherche
Ticket 4: 4* Libra

By my color choices, it’s obvious I wanted Gerik, but I have no complaints about a free Ephraim.
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User Info: WenDelie

6 days ago#59
Got a B!Hector in 80ish orbs. Final merge for Clair (been waiting for months for this) and some Repo fodder also came home in the process, so not a bad session all in all... no Valbar or Shanna though.

User Info: AcesReturns1

6 days ago#60
Pulled a Gerik on a ticket
Pulled another Gerik on the same circle after using another ticket.
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