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User Info: Lord Ephraim

Lord Ephraim
6 days ago#41
+atk 4* Ross

He has 42 base attack as a superboon. He straight up puts Raven and Linus in the trash bin. Ironically he wants that firesweep axe more than Gerik.

User Info: Crusher063

6 days ago#42
Free pull was Ephraim! +HP/-DEF, but not complaining. I’m trying to save orbs (for once), so this worked out very, very well.
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User Info: BloodMoon7

6 days ago#43
Me: Eh I'm not feeling these characters. I'll use the tickets to try for the dancer.

*free summons Tiddies or whatever her name is*

Me: Well f***, uh... Do I want to use tickets to try for a second Duo Hero then? Eww Lyon though...
Fire Emblem Three Mounteds
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User Info: DBean

6 days ago#44
3* Peri for the free pull.

Ticket Pulls: 4* Barst, 4* Saizo (Used with orbs), 4* Boey, 4* Cherche

One ticket left. Looking like an 0-for which isn't surprising. That said, at least I got Reposition out of the mix for Claude. He needed that. No more orbs being used on this. The Saizo one was just to see if my lucky colorless pull streak could continue since I got Claude and two of Caineghis from the Zofia banner.

User Info: Fullmetal23

6 days ago#45
4* Frederick.

User Info: SirRobX

6 days ago#46

I love him I will merge him
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Free pull was a 4* Beruka. Meh.

Felt like popping the blue stone and got a +Spd/-HP Selkie for my trouble.

User Info: ShioRyuu

6 days ago#48
4 tickets 40 orbs. Duo Ephraim. Ok Bye. I'll try for Ewan next time.
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User Info: RMysterio

6 days ago#49
f*** yeah! Gerik in my last ticket! Neutral IVs to boot!

I can save quite a lot of orbs for when he shows up in a better banner that's for sure.
Ogma the barbarian
A bunch of 3*s

And a purgatorial prince

I'll take it
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