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User Info: Pickley-

6 days ago#21
Also ended up getting Ophelia..

That’s a merge i guess

User Info: RiverSquirtle

6 days ago#22
Got nothing of note from free pull or tickets.

User Info: 67chrome

6 days ago#23
5* Lugh


User Info: tentarafoo

6 days ago#24
No 5* units with the tickets. I did end up getting a Python merge and that's better than anything on this banner!
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4* ross
Just as planned
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User Info: Alligamer72

6 days ago#26
Ticket 3: 4* Mordecai
Focused only on blue this time. 4 Orbs spent on the first circle got me +Atk/-Spd Hardin. Spme Orbs spent, and the third ticket circle got me a +Atk/-HP Duo Ephraim. Still have one ticket to acquire, but afterwards, going back to WAH!
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User Info: Wilfric

6 days ago#28
+Atk -HP Mareeta

I hate pulling good units that I dont care for.... guess its NFU or FB4 fodder.
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User Info: AsterixKing

6 days ago#29
4* Odin. Will have to get tickets later
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User Info: Raltrios

6 days ago#30
Raltrios posted...
AYY I got Duo Ephraim on my freebie! And he's +Atk -Res! I haven't gotten a free summon this incredible in months. I never got his OG infantry self, so I'm hype I got this one and with such a good IV too.

I...I want Gerik and Tethys, but jesus, I think I'm set on this banner. We'll see how the tickets do, I guess.

And my first ticket was a free Gerik! Crappy +Res -Atk though, it doesn't get much worse. Eh, after Ephraim I'll still take it though. Even if I don't end up using him he's still prime fodder.

Second ticket was my first Mercedes.
Third ticket was a Gunther/
Don't have the fourth yet, going to bed a happy clam.
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