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User Info: Zinie95

1 week ago#1

4* Cordelia.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Pickley-

1 week ago#2
-atk/+spd Lugh


User Info: Fenumber1fan

1 week ago#3
Duo Ephraim. Crap IV’s but he’s home. Now onto getting a second copy with better IV’s and two copies of Ewan

User Info: dotsdfe

1 week ago#4
First round: Pulled 2 blues & 1 red, got nothing, skipped both colorless.

Second round: Pulled 2 blues and got a +ATK/-DEF Yaoi Dream Team.

-DEF isn't ideal, but +ATK is amazing for them, and I got them really painlessly. I'm pumped.

I'm gonna go for the tickets and snipe green now. I'm pretty much only after Yaoi Bros & Gerik, so this is a great start.
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User Info: Hitazo888

1 week ago#5
Used around 50 orbs,
Got a +Hp/-Res Duo Ephraim

Quite happy

User Info: RavingSwoobat

1 week ago#6
Free pulled "His Father's Son"

Such a weird title...

Also got some Pythons for merges.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: blasster

1 week ago#7
Free pull *5 Gerik

Heh, fickle rng gave me *5 on banner that I'm not gonna pull.
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User Info: DontWorrii

1 week ago#8
Got Gerik, sweet firesweep axe 🥰🥰

Now who to give it to, marth or innes hmmmmm
I used to be ZedTommo, but I de-evolved... This ruins my brand :((((

User Info: Alligamer72

1 week ago#9
3* Odin ew.

Pulled colourless orb in same circle for norne and got 3* gordin :/

User Info: shawnwalker

1 week ago#10
3* Cherche
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