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User Info: SirRobX

1 week ago#1
Use this topic to:
- Track your score in Allegiance Battles, the Arena, and Arena Assault
- Compare your score to other board users
- Track your arena team development
- Discuss the meta

Water/Wind and Astra/Anima

Upcoming Seasons:
11/11/19 - Water/Earth and Light/Dark
11/18/19 - Water/Fire and Astra/Anima
11/25/19 - Water/Wind and Light/Dark

Bonus Heroes:
11/5/19 - 11/18/19: L.Leif, V.Catria, Forsyth, Python, Silque, Valbar, Conrad, Hawkeye, Fjorm, Anna

Upcoming Bonus Heroes:
Unknown until the next update. Likely candidates include Gunnthra and Alfonse.

New players and players interested in competitive play are encouraged to use these topics to track their progress through the weeks.

Latest (at the time this topic was posted) estimated arena scoring thresholds are available here:

Arena score calculator:
Pokemon GO: 8973-4950-4215 / Fire Emblem Heroes: 193-150-4677
Switch: https://i.imgtc.ws/q82EzDw.jpg

User Info: SilentWanderer

1 week ago#2
Orb Week at the cesspool that is AB is upon us. I'm hoping my Leif/L!Lucina/Aversa/whatever green unit is up to the task. An armor like Hector should be easy to get around.

User Info: Dysias6

1 week ago#3
+10 Hawkeye is ready to go!

Sidenote, I managed to place 2995 in last season's AA.

User Info: DBean

1 week ago#4
Allegiance: 800 - Lost a unit both times, but whatever. Don't need the flowers that much, and that's good enough for the four orbs.

Arena: I'll finish this tomorrow.

Assault: 4868 - Decided to do this early in the week for once. Lost two units in the second fight, swept the rest.

User Info: Meganium7

1 week ago#5
holy f*** AB can you spawn a few more cavalry units on this cramped map, thanks
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: SilentWanderer

1 week ago#6
Arena - 3755 with Meister Leif/Nino/Naesala/Aversa. Goofed up and couldn't get the penultimate kill with Leif.

AB - 931 (963 after max bonuses) with the above team (L!Lucina and a friend's Winehardt backpacked on Leif and Aversa, respectively.) This map took me two tries. The broken walls can suck a nut.

User Info: KageNoSenshi

1 week ago#7
Arena score 3673 this week with
Oboro +10
Narcian +10
Hawkeye 4* +10

This will be my T19 > T20 wk
Currently playing: Fire Emblem Three Houses, Fire Emblem Heroes, Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War, Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Chikara - Chie - Yuuki
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Meganium7

1 week ago#8
jesus leif made that just about the easiest arena run of my life. just missed a kill due to bad rng with legzura (had to kill a WoM beacon with a different unit to save the run) and the zipper map.

better savor that t21 I get since it will basically be the last time unless I get lucky with bonus units in the future since the ftp options are no longer enough without extreme minmax.

User Info: ViewtifulGene

1 week ago#9
The Allegiance map with the breakable walls can go f*** itself. All it does is force you to waste press turns. As a result, the enemy has more time to clump together and aggro toward the wrong color.

I lucked out and got 960 on my second try. I had to make the galaxy brain move of having Reinhardt facetank 4 attacks from OG Lyn.

I have this week off from Arena. I got an easy 3751 with BD Fjorm/Duel Clair/Zeph/Sheena. That won't be nearly enough to stay 21. But if this keeps up, I have an easy re-entry next week.

Got 5,249 for Assault. Easy maps this week with only one Azura and no Alms. I just needed to reroll for a winnable opening match.


User Info: Meganium7

1 week ago#10
why can't I just go one f***ing week without wanting to jump off a building.

there's always gotta be that ONE thing

can't breeze through all the coliseum s***, nope. gotta get c*** blocked by a million unbaitable azura in assault because we wouldn't want you not wishing death upon the devs for one week
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