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  3. Pick 5 fates characters you want to see in an adrift 2

User Info: KawaiiTakumi

2 weeks ago#1
adrift was just such a cool abstract banner idea taking the ideas of mixing dream and reality(while also having reversed personalities for characters like camilla) and it would be awesome to see how they could expand on it with a second banner.

For me-
Takumi- calm and confident- sword
honoka- warm and caring with long hair as a staff
Xander- warm and jestful- blue tome
Kagero- funny and mischievous- red tome
Elise- calm and refined- blue dagger
leo- a jock- lance
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User Info: Alligamer72

2 weeks ago#2
Ophelia- sword, using owains sword
Nina- staff user
Garon- axe infantry
Nyx- red tome
Free unit-xander- axe flier

User Info: dotsdfe

2 weeks ago#3
Ophelia (TT unit)

The theme of the banner is M. Corrin dreaming of a 4-way orgy between all the guys (who are all basically nude), and Ophelia isn't involved in the plot of the banner at all.

Hey, if we're going to do another round of that awful banner, may as well enjoy it.
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User Info: SilentWanderer

2 weeks ago#4
Rainbow Sage
That hot female villager NPC

User Info: Poison-puffs

2 weeks ago#5
Nobody Adrift was garbage
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User Info: BoomChish

2 weeks ago#6
SilentWanderer posted...
Rainbow Sage

I like you.
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User Info: Lief4Heroes

2 weeks ago#7
I'd rather pick 5 non-Fates characters than 5 Fates characters. They don't need the attention, especially the ones TC listed plus TC listed 6 not 5
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User Info: SilentWanderer

2 weeks ago#8
I just noticed that TC said pick 5 and he immediately proceeds to list 6 Fates characters.

User Info: Pickley-

2 weeks ago#9

User Info: Tight-Knots

2 weeks ago#10
~*~Niles's Angels~*~
Free TT: Baby Niles <3 flying colorless healer (weapon: Kiss Incense+)
Legendary: Adult Niles <3 armored dancer with red bow (weapon: Angel's Sticky Embrace)
Colorless - colorless beast stone Keaton infantry (weapon: Dreamy Wolf Nibble)
Blue - flying lance Leo (weapon: Naughty Prodder+)
Red - red bow Odin infantry (uses cupid arrows - Lover's Point)
Green - flying axe takumi (uses a spanking paddle board - Hanky Paddle+)

basically, Niles's fantasy comes to life and they all have skimpy angel outfits on, no shirts, just booty shorts <33
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