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Ending the week with a square 200 orbs.

Pulled some more on Leif's banner and walked out with an excellent haul. For just under 300 orbs, I got:

  • 3 Leifs (Merged one to +1 and booked the other)
  • 2 F!Tiki (Merged them with Def boon)
  • +Spd L!Alm (merged my existing copy onto this one)
  • +Atk Bowcina (merged)
  • L'Azura (fed to Naesala for B Duel Flying)

Overall my luckiest experience since Leroy's banner.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Ephezial

1 week ago#62
Locking in at 1720 orbs this week, felt like a quiet week orb wise.

User Info: albertojz356

1 week ago#63
1313 orbs
Here we go, off the rails.

User Info: -Tooner-

1 week ago#64
I was to tempted with getting a +atk Leif, I’m at 26 orbs :(
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User Info: Edgardo4415

1 week ago#65
Ending with 5 orbs... I have to start somewhere :c
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User Info: xPhantomhive

1 week ago#66
1,986 orbs and counting to +10 Swordhardt, Ishtar, and their alts one day.
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User Info: Concession

1 week ago#67
750 orbz.

I think I'm at or really close to setting a new personal orb record.
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User Info: NoviceTenchi

1 week ago#68
Novice Tenchi - 1,005 orbs!

It feels good to be back in the thousands again! Long way to go until I reach stability though.
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User Info: Alligamer72

1 week ago#69
Ending on 63 orbs this week

User Info: Kayiel

1 week ago#70
Locking in with 142 Orbs this week. Duo Hector hurt me. :(
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