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User Info: GhostAggron

5 days ago#41
November 8th, 2019 - Orb Count: 363
I really need to take my own advice. I went for Gerik for sudden panic but my luck was absolutely horrible. I got pitybroken 3 times, most of which were horrible IVs. THIS time I won’t pull for a while, this game doesn’t seem to like me.

User Info: LagiBait

5 days ago#42
Orb count: 1,575

I was higher than this, but got tempted by the dynamic duo and blew 240+ orbs to get them. It's okay; you gotta spend a little to keep things interesting. Right?
There is certainly some uncertainty.

User Info: Dysias6

5 days ago#43
Checking in with 180 orbs.

User Info: RMysterio

4 days ago#44
I've been hoarding for about a few weeks now and I want to make another honest attempt at it. I have 113 orbs so far. I hope to get around 1k or so to try to +10 these new heroes:

Picnic Genny

I know Gerik is in this banner right now but I only have 113 orbs and this banner won't give me the best odds to get him because of the 4 man banner. I'll try again when he is in a 3 man banner or the legendary banner.

So yeah go ahead and replace whoever I had before there as goal units. Definitely not Hardin anymore because he is already +10 and kicking ass.
Ogma the barbarian
242 orbs

It was.... a bit tempting to pull on all blues for the free summon circles for the new banner, but I stayed my hand. I was fortunate enough to pull a free +Atk Michiah on there, so I'll happily merge my +Spd into that. I'll take that as a win, no need to get greedy.

Looking at the calander, there's really only two things that can bait my orbs right now.

The first being the Distant Counter banner, provided it has Nailah. The second is Takumi's revival banner. Both of these for fodder purposes. Otherwise, the new heroes banner or mythic banner needs to be amazing. This should be a good saving month for me, otherwise.
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User Info: RisingFlames

4 days ago#46
finishing this week with 74 orbs

User Info: KamiUsagi

4 days ago#47
Ending the week at 23 orbs.
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User Info: Poison-puffs

4 days ago#48
Ending week with 1230 orbs
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User Info: Sgt_Pepper

4 days ago#49
Ending the week with 24 orbs on hand and 11 in the Feh Bank, for a total of 35 orbs. Using that bank been helpful so far - though it makes hoarding feel slower, I am conditioned into saving my orbs.

Now that Leif’s banner has ended I’ve been able to step away from summoning; I intend to abstain from spending orbs until the Mythic banner
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User Info: CJwat11

4 days ago#50
11/8/2019 Orb Count

1: New Heroes Login Bonus
2: Forging Bonds Daily Reward

Total Available Orbs: 3

11/9/2019 Orb Count
1: New Heroes Login Bonus
2: Forging Bonds Daily Reward
1: Rival Domains Normal Map
1: KO Foe Quest

Total Available Orbs: 5

Uh, did I miss a day or something? DST is confusing tf outta me.
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