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User Info: Sad_Face

2 weeks ago#1

Bluezie: She's the treasurer. She also takes part in the Fire Emblem Heroes Discord. You can contact her for a link if you so wish.
Rot8er_ConeX: Google Doc Architect
NoviceTenchi: FEH News Reporter
CJwat11: FEH News Reporter


1) Anyone who has 0 orbs will not be listed for the week.

2) Doc Wishlists: Can contain an unlimited number of units.
Topic Ranking Wishlists: Will only contain the first two units on the Doc Wishlist. All other units will be replaced with "etc." Additions and removals of units will be required to reflect a proper update.

3) If a person does not list their orbs for an entire week, they will not be added to the beginning of the new thread.

4) Only 1 account can be used per person. We do not add alt accounts to the list.

5) Non-exact numbers, or implied totals will NOT be added to the doc. For example, if you say "I have just over 100 orbs", then your total will not be updated.

6) Those who reach the Heroic Spirit tier will be added to the Throne of Heroes, a spot that will be immortalized at the top of the tier lists indefinitely. A screenshot will be required to be added to the Throne of Heroes. Newcomers or those who post infrequently yet qualify for the Heroic Spirit tier will be subject to a temporary probation period from entering the Throne of Heroes to establish themselves as members of this community. Further details will be brought to light as the situation occurs.

7) The current cut off period for updates to orb counts is 12:00AM AST


-Alix- was the founder of the topic series, Wrath_LOS took up the torch and now has passed the opportunity onward
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User Info: Sad_Face

2 weeks ago#2
NoviceTenchi [https://imgur.com/gallery/T9Es8cs <Heroic Status achieved 6/8/2018>]
Link_king_ownz [https://imgur.com/a/4VpMVDZ <Heroic Status achieved 6/26/2018>]
StryfeK [https://imgur.com/a/zgZZ8OQ <Heroic Status achieved 8/4/2018>]
Appleforce [https://imgur.com/a/EhUcA3J <Heroic Status achieved 8/18/2018>]
Deathborn 668 [https://imgur.com/YUvNQsV <Heroic Status achieved 8/29/2018>]
Bluezie [https://imgur.com/a/zdIvA8n <Heroic Status achieved 9/1/2018>]
Roidpert [https://imgur.com/a/kAL0PYL <Heroic Status achieved 9/15/2018>]
Sad_Face [https://imgur.com/Uid6dkt <Heroic Status achieved 12/4/2018>]
KariyaLollipop [https://imgur.com/a/EKak3gW <Heroic Status achieved 12/20/2018>]
Poison-puffs [https://imgur.com/a/paE6Ujb <Heroic Status achieved 1/1/2019>]
Laughingman_S [https://imgur.com/a/ZSoeBnG <Heroic Status achieved 1/19/2019>]
Wiltedflower [https://imgur.com/rPSkKiM <Heroic Status achieved 3/2/2019>]
MorphFE [https://imgur.com/mUJwN2q <Heroic Status achieved 3/2/2019>]
omegazeroINFI [https://imgur.com/a/JCfUG6f <Heroic Status achieved 3/15/2019>]
DakoandTheMacaw [https://imgur.com/gallery/fgta0zc <Heroic Status achieved 3/27/2019>]
JonMan [https://imgur.com/a/ejvLX0t <Heroic Status achieved 4/22/2019>]
HowdyHowdy [https://imgur.com/lpxrwyo <Heroic Status achieved 8/3/2019>]
SoloCross [https://imgur.com/ltbhKZs <Heroic Status achieved 8/10/2019>]

Heroic Spirits Tier (2000+)
MorphFE - 8400 (Leila)
omegazeroINFI - 5647 (9999 Orbs)
Wiltedflower - 3220 (alt!Anna)
Bluezie - 2871 (Azel, Kiragi, etc.)

EX-Tier (1500 - 1999)
Ephezial - 1676 (Legendary Heroes, H!Kagero)
LagiBait - 1671 (None)
Sad_Face - 1614 (The Dancing Wife Of The Person Whose Children Are Fathered By Ike)

S-Tier (1000 - 1499)
IzayoiHaze - 1421 (alt!Boey, Ashe, etc.)
guedesbrawl - 1268 (alt!Sakura, Bernadetta)
albertojz356 - 1265 (Tethys, Elice)
matizero - 1202 (None)
Poison-puffs - 1170 (Hel, Mercedes, etc.)

A-Tier (500 - 999)
Saikokineshisu - 980 (Knoll, Lehran)
NoviceTenchi - 935 (Muspell Alts, NY!Laevatein)
DoubleDragon - 732 (alt!Hana, Thorr)
xPembroke - 642 (Post Time Skip Claude)
GhostAggron - 622 (Clair)
Cody82 - 604 (L!Celica, L!Micaiah, etc.)

B-Tier (300 - 499)
SilentWanderer - 383 (Legendary Hero, Mythic Heroes)
simpleking - 306 (Chrom, alt!F!Robin, etc.)
RotomGuy3 - 304 (Cormag, Seteth, etc.)

C-Tier (200 - 299)
Kayiel - 270 (alt!Anna, alt!Panne, etc.)
Xephilon - 230 (L!Ike, alt!Roy)
Dark Young Link - 206 (Bernadetta)

D-Tier (100 - 199)
CJwatt11 - 132 (Lysithea, L!Tiki merges)
Dysias - 100 (H!Ilyana, Hinoka)

E-Tier (1 - 99)
Xashowd - 59 (Nyx, Lilith, etc.)
-Tooner- - 52 (Post Time Skip Marianne)
Yukure - 49 (L!Julia, F!Berkut, etc.)
SaizotheSixth - 48 (Saving to 400, S!Linde, etc.)
Alligamer72 - 46 (Bernadetta, Leonie, etc.)
RisingFlames - 31 (None)
Sgt_Pepper - 13 (B!Fjorm, Legendary/Mythic Heroes)
DBean - 13 (S!Lyn)
KamiUsagi - 4 (Emma, Shade)
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User Info: Sad_Face

2 weeks ago#3
Orb Related News Week 91 Recap


Hey guys! Welcome back to another weekly orb recap. Last week Grand Conquest finished up and granted us a few orbs. We got a new Legendary Hero so new legendary hero maps! The Voting Gauntlet started which, in return for supporting our favorite characters of that theme, also gets us a couple of orbs! It’s also officially November, so the chunk of orbs we get from the training and monthly quests gave us a nice jumpstart to the week. A brand new BHB came for us, Alm and Faye. So the chunk of orbs we got from that was a nice surprise! Continue hoarding orbs guys!

New Accessories:

Gold Devil Horns


1: New Heroes Login Bonus
1: KO Foe
1: Daily Login Bonus
1: Grand Conquest earn score
2: Forging Bonds - Day Seven


1: New Heroes Login Bonus
1: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
1~5: Arena tier orbs, depending on rank


1: New Heroes Login Bonus
1: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
1: Grand Conquest earn score
1: Arena 4th tier reward
9: Legendary Hero Battle Maps - Leif


3: New Heroes Login Bonus
1: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus


1: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
4: Voting Gauntlet Quests


2: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
7: Nov Quests
10: Nov Training Quests


1: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
1: KO Foe
1: Rival Domains Normal Map
4: Voting Gauntlet Quests
9: BHB Alm and Faye

Total Possible Orbs for the week of 10/27/19 - 11/2/19 : 70 orbs!

- @CJwat11
- @NoviceTenchi

Community Related News

You wouldn't think this was going to happen in a million years. But it did. In at least 2.5 long and grueling years. You wouldn't consider a lord of a Japan only title getting an alt before a Valentian lord in a Valentian themed banner. But it happened. You wouldn't believe that Lady Luck shone upon our dear reluctant hoarder, but she pulled that spotlight right down on her.


In slightly above 1000 orbs (1035 orbs spent to be exact), +10 Legendary Leif, and a +10 Fallen Tiki in the process of pulling him. CONGRATULATIONS @Bluezie ! May your story be a reminder that dreams can come true in this game, and luck is the combination of opportunity meeting preparation! And RNGesus playing nice!

Community Related News

Do keep in mind that of when your favorite 5* exclusive from Book 1 returns on their respective weekly banner, to which the schedule can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/teLSBj5

Lastly, do consult with the simulator to get a feel for how many orbs you should expect to spend on a weekly banner or whichever has the unit that catches your eye:


Well then, godspeed in a fruitful week of hoarding.
imgtc.com/i/4HgTl0ebzq.jpg imgtc.com/i/60CWP2Gtlg.gif
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: Average_Owain

2 weeks ago#4
147 Orbs. Saving for Owain, Dorothea, and their alts.
Currently recovering from the experience that was Doki Doki Literature Club!.
Fawful, Owain, Dimentio, and Sans are in Smash 5!

User Info: matizero

2 weeks ago#5
First of all: @Xashowd I would, at least for now, say that you should just log-in to collect all the log-in Orbs you can get. Like @Sad_Face said in the previous topic theres always a chance for Beruka alt or any other favourite of yours, and when that time would come.. Orbs are there for you to take from Feh :) If, for some reason and at some point you will think that even doing log-ins is a boredom or whatnot, then and only then you should delete the game. Think about it, logging in is just like 15 seconds, there's no way that you don't have enough time to/after school/work or some break/whatever going back home or sth :P And.. its what I call going 'casual' here before deleting - you give a chance to your game and it doesn't cost you anything.. besides this 15 sec a day :P Oh come on, man, fellow fan of FE, fellow hoarder, PS4 or Switch and games on them aren't going anywhere in 15 sec :P

Secondly, I pulled on Genny for Wrathful fodder - around 100 Orbs and I got her BUT.. well, those 4% banners are rigged or sth :p Now my H!Mia is an absolute beast for Rokkr Sieges.. so let them come, I'm ready this time!

And I pulled for the very first 5* on Legendary banner and I got LAlm (was hoping for him or Leif, actually :D). He's +HP and -Spd (and that spd hurts) but, well, I can work around that. At least he's not -atk. Quite happy, he's also my very first Legendary with.. Pair up, lol xD

So all in all in my 3 summoning sessions in the last week: Guard banner for Dual skill, Revival 2 for Wrathful S. and Leg for 1st 5* I also got my first Bantu and Mercedes. And one freakin' Klein in all that glory going for colorless. I was reminded why I hate colorless hell - so many Marias and other healers.. To sum up: around 424 Orbs I used on those banners. I don't know if its good or bad but the worst banner of them all was Guard banner going for Laeg.. pity was really high and I think over 200 Orbs were used (though I wasn't pity broken but still..). I'm currently a little below 1k but I will recover in this week because its 30/40 sth Orbs, then I will update my Orb count.

User Info: Xephilon

2 weeks ago#6
Currently at 160 orbs. I spent a few on the Halloween banner (not worth) and to get Mareeta twice for fodder (definitely worth). Now I'm back to hoarding until Null C/Lull Atk/Def comes around.
"You tried and that's all that matters...also winning"
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: Sad_Face

2 weeks ago#7
1211 orbs in hand, (147+162+136+22) 467 orbs to pick up, so 1678 orbs in total.

Just 1500 more orbs till I can pull (rounded down, I'm not counting). I need Null Follow up fodder. I need Ilyana. I need Catria. I need I need I need I need.
imgtc.com/i/4HgTl0ebzq.jpg imgtc.com/i/60CWP2Gtlg.gif
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: SaizotheSixth

2 weeks ago#8
52, plus a solid 21 in bank, for a current total of 73 orbs.

Already almost a quarter of the way there. They'll dry up eventually, though.
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(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: omegazeroINFI

2 weeks ago#9
5714 orbs. been doing the training tower again, at least up to a certain point.

User Info: CJwat11

1 week ago#10
11/3/2019 Orb Count

1: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
1: Daily Login Bonus
1: KO Foe Quest

Total Available Orbs: 3

11/4/2019 Orb Count

1: Voting Gauntlet Login Bonus
4: Voting Gauntlet Quests
1-5: Arena Tier Rewards

Total Available Orbs: 10
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