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User Info: _venport_

1 week ago#131
Legendary Lucina is one of the best users of a bond skill, simply because Future Vision acts as a self refresh in such an instance. Wings of Mercy is far from a bad skill, but the best users are generally going to be your refresh units.
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User Info: DreadKaiser

1 week ago#132

Remember this topic? how someone said Dragons will easily beat this map?

no they can't.

the Thrasirs even have IP'd Miracles to make absolutely sure your megatank is getting paniced.

Friendship is Magic
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: RMysterio

1 week ago#133
I think I found the optimal score range for me to be in moving forward. Now I face non-superwhale teams with only one Naga, which feels optimal for rematch farming and getting the actual defense wins themselves.

Getting a defeat with 4 units defeated feels great, especially at my score range since all I get are teams with one Naga only. I think I'll wait until night to do my matches. I hope I can squeeze out one more rematch or two on this range before I I use some Aether.
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User Info: DreadKaiser

1 week ago#134
and my next run, actually troublesome for the other reason

I couldn't find any way to initiate and not oneround the whole team and lose pots

oh well 2 pots gone, glad I intentionally did NOT double down.
Friendship is Magic
My idea of two mages + WoM dancers has actually made AR offensive enjoyable again. Just had a match where they had a 30 dmg shock trap right next to three of their units... that almost made it too easy even though I had to sacrifice a unit to take out L!Lucina.

Anything to maintain t17
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User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
1 week ago#136
PunchedKoala posted...

Did his Naga run Iotes shield? Lucina should actually follow Naga instead of Eliwood.

The unit follow the unit the do the most combat damage and then check if the are eligible for an assist.

The closest distance to Eliwood is below duma but a Future vision doesn't change his threat level.
Without WoM Lucina would have used Future vision though.
She wasn't running iote shield

But if that's the case wouldn't she teleport to the left of duma instead of below as it would make her closer to naga?

Also I thought that using assists to reduce threat level of an "ally" took precedence over chasing the target they do the most damage to. It happened to me a lot in my timeout losses where instead of splitting the last two enemies up they just keep following each other to use reposition.
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User Info: PunchedKoala

1 week ago#137
Would she double Eliwood but fail to double Naga and Eliwood receives slightly more damage total?

Despite it looks like the unit is just assisting the unit has a chase target:

EG https://youtu.be/5BXLCjKm73Y?t=152

Another good example would be those double Lunge Lost Castle maps, where you can cause the first unit to attack from above or left depending on the chase targets. WoM screwed your up that's about it though.
7 successful defenses in a row for me. Latest one was a 5 kill defense against DC Helbindi. Cecilia and L!Ephraim were the mvps, Idk how Cecilia would have faired with raventome against bindi since I notoriously go blade tome with her.

I think 7 is my new record.
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User Info: DreadKaiser

1 week ago#139
all day with no Defense again
-0 lift thus far
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User Info: DoubleDragon

1 week ago#140
f*** all. This is at least the third time healing tower bonus structure f***ed me in Astra season. You should be able to destroy your own structures.
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