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User Info: WarmingBlasters

3 weeks ago#61
A second Mikoto blocked my efforts to get a Silque. Was considering giving Flash+ to Nanna so that actually worked out.

On the second account, finally got a Keaton to go along with summoner supported Velouria +2. Bad news: -atk +spd.

Will try more but actually not that interested in banner beyond Silque.
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User Info: DakotaDusty

3 weeks ago#62
I spent 150 orbs and all four tickets aiming for Catria; got pity broken by Forsyth, who was also my only 5*. -_-
"In summation: You suck. I win. You lose. Take care now. Bye-bye, then."

User Info: P5RSONA

3 weeks ago#63
Ticket got me another free Silque. Wow. I'm flabbergasted myself.

She's +Def -Hp doe.
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User Info: Lief4Heroes

3 weeks ago#64
Lief4Heroes posted...
Buncha garbage from every single one of my free pulls, but from regular pulls I got another neutral Idunn.

Did a few pulls and just got garbage, least I'll still have 170 or so orbs for later. I'll try breaking my 3.5% pity rate later once I get S!Palla on the legendary, hopefully that'll go smoothly so I can quickly go break the other pity for Catria

UPDATE: For another 19 orbs I broke the pity rate.... For an A!Camilla. Res+, so I'll use it or the Spd+ one. Least I still got some orbs for the legendary
Is Altena in yet? No? Okay.
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User Info: ShinigamiMiroku

3 weeks ago#65
Funny enough, I actually got a 5* free pull.

It was a -ATK Claude...
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User Info: Steamroll

3 weeks ago#66
Will post an update after I get last two tickets but so far... Nothing good.

User Info: yomomma0919

3 weeks ago#67
Ayy got a neutral Catria from my first ticket.
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User Info: Meganium7

3 weeks ago#68
free - 3 star lilina
ticket 1 - 3 star ogma
ticket 2 - +def -hp forsyth (no reds on circle)

haven't gotten the last two tickets but I guess this is a rousing success.

User Info: tankerminion1

3 weeks ago#69
Used all my tickets and pulled a random Sirius. I guess I’ll get the feathers then fodder him
Deer Daddy for CYL4
Free pulled a focus unit of all things. (Catria)

Whatever, I was skipping this banner anyway, now back to trying to get H!Sakura.
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