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User Info: Alligamer72

1 month ago#1
Godly brave unit banner is here and gray

3* barst :/

User Info: CyberDragon10K

1 month ago#2
You laugh, but Gray would mean a Zanbato+ and Sword Valor 3 for my Seth.
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User Info: OmnimonX12345

1 month ago#3
Copied from other topic:

Free summon circle: all red
Now if that isn't a bad omen I don't know what is. Against my better judgement I went for another circle.

Hawkeye, Merric, then +HP/-Def F!Morgan

Nope, f*** that, I can read the signs, I'm not dumping any more orbs into this pit
"they'll heal you till you get cancer" ~Barnedion

User Info: Renkencen

1 month ago#4
Free was Grey.

Kinda kicking myself cos it could of gotten B Lucina but his iv is +spd/ -atk so Lucina could of gotten that iv too!

User Info: Poison-puffs

1 month ago#5
Glimmer fodder
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User Info: Azardea

1 month ago#6
No greens. 4* Lukas. :(

User Info: Pickley-

1 month ago#7
4* Florina yall hear sumn

User Info: DBean

1 month ago#8
3* Arthur. He gone.

Already have all three of the Focus characters, including a +1 Brave Ike, so I'm one and done.

User Info: Oresama

1 month ago#9
4* Felicia
6* when?

User Info: zangatsubankai

1 month ago#10
80 orbs got me a decent fodder haul at least. 2 Cordelia (I've only pulled 1 in my year or so of playing) and a Kjelle. I'm planning on feeding her to either Black Knight, Duma or H!Jacob if he shows up. Little salty I didn't nab Lucina though. Means my Ike is gonna be in a bit of a tougher spot.
If that's how it's going to be... I'll snuff them all out! Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!
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