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  3. So what was your first ability unlocked in hall of forms?

User Info: cerovlogs

1 week ago#31
Scendscale lol
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User Info: KageNoSenshi

1 week ago#32
Book of Orchids
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User Info: CeruleanGamer

1 week ago#33
Swift Sparrow 3 on Celica.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

1 week ago#34
Inscribed Tome for Boey.

User Info: Pompous_Badger

1 week ago#35
Juicy Wave+ spd refined on Mae. Followed by SS3. Guess who’s carrying my team?

It took four levels feeding him the first kill to finally get Alm’s Dracofalchion. The game wanted me to give him crap like a Brave Sword or Petal Parasol.
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User Info: Alligamer72

1 week ago#36
Atk/spd form on Boey, the others were a link, a terrible rally skill I don't remember the C one or an owl tome.

User Info: Nazdrovie

1 week ago#37
Boey's prf, which was exactly what I was hoping for so nice.
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User Info: Lief4Heroes

1 week ago#38
Celica got Home Atk 4, Boey got FDR3, Alm got Scendscale, Mae for Brazen Atk/Spd 4

A pretty good start if you ask me
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User Info: shawnwalker

1 week ago#39
Celica got atk/spd push 4.
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User Info: EvilMegas

1 week ago#40
Man, Boey sure does suck. I love having to play lower lvls to make sure he's sorta viable.
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