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User Info: _venport_

4 days ago#21
Celica has Ragnarok, joint hone speed, and bonus doubler, so far. Alm has Dracofalchion, Scendscale, Special Spiral, Def Smoke, and Glimmer. Mae has her personal weapon, and Ruptured Sky. Boey has rally Atk/Spd+, and brazen Atk/Def
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User Info: GeneratorLeon

4 days ago#22
Rally A/D+ on Celica. Kinda lame, but still helpful. Ive had better luck since, with 3 PRFs and several top tier A skills.
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User Info: Asternex

4 days ago#23
Inscribed Tome w/ eff on Boey
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User Info: Meganium7

4 days ago#24
swift sparrow 3 mae
Spd Smoke for B!Alm

User Info: EvilMegas

4 days ago#26
Close combat on boey
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User Info: SirRobX

4 days ago#27
Sandwiches for Boey
I thought the skill choices would’ve been true random but it seems there’s a tendency for skills that suit the unit
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User Info: Turbo_TRex

4 days ago#28
All of the Skills for Mae sucked so I merged her instead. After that was Sturdy Impact for Alm and ATK/RES Push for Boey.
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User Info: rrobin

4 days ago#29
Atk/res seal on Mae...
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User Info: OldHickory

4 days ago#30
Scendscsle on Alm.
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