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User Info: Oresama

4 days ago#91
Going back and forth between many options on this poll. And getting angry as well so nope won't be thinking about it anymore.
6* when?

User Info: lolinekochan

4 days ago#92
Legendary Heroes
- No problem for early release since they are not that special, but since from Lucina onward, they were started to be powercreep tier.
But since it's just powercreep for money grab from gacha game which is not special. So I'm not too concern about this.

Mythics Heroes
- For me this 1 is the biggest mistake that I$ did, since AR was really fun during early release but all got ruin by them.

Duo Heroes
- Just an another powercreep. To clarify it's mistake or not = Need to see more newer duo skills are broke tier or not.
But currently Hector is nothing but whale bait for arena purpose. Still to fast to say anything more.

Babysitter Meta
- I'm not care about arena anymore, so it's nothing for me to concern. The way of matching was the big mistake from the start.

2nd Anniversary
- This is real bad. Not that I expect too high but it's lower than my lowest expectation. Really nothing to hype.
Other games I play have much more better anniversary than FEH.

2019 "Mass" Demote
- It's ok for me since I don't want to get pity rate break by those old gen chars anymore. Demote to 4* is kinda too greedy as well.
They better just release more of their focus banners and make them easier to get by remove off focus rate from there.
And seriously. Do you really expect to get them by that damn low rate from new banner off focus? At least hell no for me.

- FEH is not the only gacha game that has alt and I believe there are only few games or may be none those not have alt.
I know there are many characters still never got release in FEH but some are not that popular and I guess not many ppl care.
The only problem is the balance to release alt because some characters keep getting more and more alt while some not get even 1.

- Well, must accept that she is quite popular and I$ love to sell her for $$$, but not really problem for me to care.

Tap Battle Reruns
- At least for ppl who miss some accessories are happy about it, so I have no concern about this.
But they can also rerun accessory by trade with arena medals or any other method too.

Something else that isn't Ayragate.
- When armor that should be "Pysical Bulk" but "Weak to Magic" and "Slow" become super mix bulk, can follow-up regardless of Spd, can move fast with armor march and also can counter regardless of range with status that suit to any PVP mode.
lolinekochan posted...
I don't want to get pity rate break by those old gen chars anymore.
Do you really expect to get them by that damn low rate from new banner off focus? At least hell no for me.

Hey, these two can't both be true! If you couldn't get them before, then they didn't need to be removed, obviously.
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User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 days ago#94
DreadKaiser posted...
In other words saying "not having SI wouldn't work because IS would grossly f*** it up, ergo they had to implement SI" is more a trait regarding IS and not skill inheritance.

no, I'm saying if we left all the skill "updates" to them much like they already do refines. they invaribly screw up a lot more than they already do with sub-par/outright bad prfs. simple result of doing something they occasionally f*** up, more often. and making a game model that relies on traits the devs have already proven to not have, is not a good idea.

especially if your waifu isn't particularly popular. I can easily imagine Camilla getting updated every 2 months while, say Rebecca goes a year without a rework.

Which is literally what I said.

You are arguing under the assumption that SI was needed/beneficial because the alternative of "regularly and fairly buffing older units, skills, etc." would be a s***show because IS is incompetent.

From that perspective, yes, you are correct, because IS is incompetent/greedy and they would regularly f*** up.

However what I'm also saying is that SI in and of itself is heavily flawed. What I'm saying is that there is a hypothetical scenario where you could have implemented something better than SI. What I'm also saying is that SI itself could have been implemented better. What I'm saying is that think of a deeper hypothetical where a developer that is actually competent (e.g. whoever does Azur Lane) created a system similar to SI in their game (saccing actual units to give skills or effects to other units in your barracks), it would be really hard to make it actually fair. The only raeson why SI "worked" in FEH is beacuse IS is so f***ing incompetent that them trying to actually balance their game like a real developer would end in disaster.

Again, put it this way.

Scenario 1:
You have to pick between one of the two; a skill inheritance system run by IS, or a system that relies on continuously balancing old units with faster refines, buffing old skills, etc., also run by IS.
You would choose the former because of IS' incompetence/greed giving you more faith that IS would run a system that would be easier to do + make them more money over the 2nd system that would make them less money and be better balanced for the game.

Scenario 2:
You have to pick ebtween one of the two; a skill inheritance system run by (insert competent developer), or a system that relies on continuously balancing old units with faster refines, buffing old skills, etc., also run by (competent developer).
You would choose the latter because you would have faith in the (insert competent developer) that they would actually stay on the ball when it comes to regularly and fairly buffing old units and such.

You keep yelling that IS implemented SI because it makes them more money. No s*** Sherlock, I literally said that in my first post, so either you are preaching to the choir or you didn't bother to read my post (which ironically you claimed that you read).

However the reason why I surmise that IS went the SI route was because...

1) It would get them more money if they made players whale for rare skills, as opposed to IS doing their f***ing job by balancing old s***ty skills

What's going on is that we are both correct to some degree but you are continuing to argue that I'm just 100% wrong because reasons. I fully understand your point; do you understand mine?
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User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 days ago#95
Note; if you think my hypothetical scenario 2 is ridiculous, that's basically FGO in a nutshell, where they are pretty good when it comes to getting interludes to constantly buff units' NPs, skills, etc.

If instead they scrapped all the interludes that buffed skills (they keep interludes that buffed NPs), they instead had some kind of SI system where you sacced existing units to inherit over one of the actives, I think the game would be worse off. Merlin's teamwide invincibility skill being inheritable would not end very well for example.

This is the point I was trying to make, that the SI system in and of itself was flawed, but IS had reasons to implement it.

I will again redirect you to the conclusion I posted in my first post and then be on my way...

Skill inheritance in its current form is better than literally nothing at all plus the broken skills and units that come out, but SI could have been implemented much better, AND there are methods that are better than having SI at all.
You can't spell Salt without Alt - Poison-puffs

User Info: Xashowd

4 days ago#96
*Looks through list*

...Tap Battle Reruns.

Everything, literally everything else has some form of justification, be it good or bad, for existing for every player.

TBRs do nothing for veteran players who are more after Orbs and already got the non-EX accessories on offer. They are 100% skippable content. Unlike Arena and AR, there isn't even an incentive to slog through it. It's just wasted effort, and there is NOTHING I hate more than wasted effort. Luck is one thing, but something I must consume time on not providing a personally satisfactory result in any scenario? Yeah, that's not gonna fly.

Babysitter Meta was a Mistake. P2W mechanics are a Mistake. Gold Orbs were a Huge Mistake.

TBRs are a freaking crime. It's sad seeing one show up...there's just no point.
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User Info: RyoAkizuki

4 days ago#97
SirRobX posted...
It's still Ayragate
English is not my native language.
If you start a sentence with "Imagine", I skip your post.

User Info: Azardea

4 days ago#98
Babysitter meta if only because I keep forgetting to change my skills back. Just lost 3 ladders before I realized. >_>

User Info: Renkencen

4 days ago#99
To me it was the 2nd anniversary and AR!

User Info: CJwat11

4 days ago#100
Huh, flipping TsunamiFox, someone who doesn’t even give two flying f’s about FEH is still posting here? Huh. Must be bored outta their skull.
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