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User Info: DreadKaiser

1 month ago#1
Still no Ayragate. - Results (270 votes)
Legendary Heroes, what's worse than Alts? Powercrept P2W Alts on unsnipable banners!
6.67% (18 votes)
Mythics, killed AR
10.37% (28 votes)
Duo Heroes, s*** on AR's grave and look f***ing cute while doing it.
20.74% (56 votes)
Babysitter Meta
21.11% (57 votes)
2nd Anniversary
13.7% (37 votes)
2019 "Mass" demote
10.74% (29 votes)
Alts in general
1.85% (5 votes)
Camilla specifically
6.67% (18 votes)
Tap Battle Reruns, like....why?
4.07% (11 votes)
something else that isn't Ayragate.
4.07% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
srsly how the actual f*** did I forget babysitter meta
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User Info: BipBapBam

1 month ago#2
Still 2nd anniversary

I never really gave a s*** about Arena in the first place tbh
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User Info: DreadKaiser

1 month ago#3
BipBapBam posted...
Still 2nd anniversary

I never really gave a s*** about Arena in the first place tbh

I was about to start giving a s*** about Arena when that happened......I had only recently +10'd Tiki, my first +10 in general so I was scoring higher than ever and she s*** on the Dragon heavy meta hard.........and now I can't use her.

at least she can do a Falchion nurse build to babysit. better than most players waifu unit can claim
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User Info: Poison-puffs

1 month ago#4
Whatever Legendary Azura falls under, she makes the game not fun
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

1 month ago#5
Still babysitter meta.

User Info: RotomGuy3

1 month ago#6
b8% banners suck and created L!Azura and L!Alm, but also L!Lyn who is terrible for the complete opposite reason
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User Info: The UnLucky Cat

The UnLucky Cat
1 month ago#7
RotomGuy3 posted...
b8% banners suck and created L!Azura and L!Alm, but also L!Lyn who is terrible for the complete opposite reason

They're basically "how to get away with Ayragate every month"
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User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
1 month ago#8
What do you mean by "mistake" exactly? Because of these(Legendaries/Mythcs/etc) are working as intended. They're horrible, but working as intended.

That said, I honestly want to say Legendary Azura. A single unit is basically overcentrizing the entire game. Every single dancer from this point forward is going to be compared to her, unfavorably. Every single content made in the future is going to have her in mind if you want it to be even remotely difficult(Spoilers: Unless you spam buff nullification this isn't happening).

They literally made a unit tailor made to counter her, which is too little too late.

She may be fun to play with, but she isn't fun to play against. In the end it's probably just more Fates shilling, because of course Azura has to be the absolute best dancer(Well, singer) in the game. It wasn't enough that she already was when they introduced Performing Arts Azura.

And again when they introduced New Year Azura.

Wouldn't be surprised if they gave OG Azura a busted ass refine.

User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
1 month ago#9
Of all the options listed it's MHs.

Aether Raids when released had a ton of promise. Despite its many flaws (lmao why does it allow more than 1 dancer, spring breeze corner horse emblem) it combined creativity in map building with the flexibility of using anyone you wanted (due to it not having a BST scoring system like arena). It had defense replays. It was what arena should have been. Then MHs completely s*** on the notion of having any creativity whatsoever. It took a game mode that had the potential to not only be the best game mode in FEH but one of the best things in the entire franchise, and took a giant s*** on it.

LH problem is powercreep, but it's not even guaranteed to be powercreep (lol Lyn) and there are many examples of powercreep outside of LHs.

Duo heroes are way too new to declare that it's the worst mistake in FEH. Plus the implementation in and of itself (having an active skill to use during the map) isn't inherently bad, it will depend on whether IS intentionally pushes the power level too much, which would be more of a powercreep problem than how duo heroes were implemented.

Babysitter meta s*** on arena, but arena was already a dumpster fire since its inception. Babysitter meta was the dagger that prevented it from ever recovering, sure. But it was going from bad to worse. MHs took a good mode and made it bad.

2nd anniversary wasn't even that bad lmao, it was just everyone overly hyped about it for some reason and then it couldn't meet those high expectations. Remember, disappointment = expectations - reality.

the 2019 demotion wave was disappointing but hardly the worst mistake in FEH

Alts in general aren't bad unless we reach like Lyn/Camilla levels of alts with like 4 copies of the same unit in one year.

Camilla shouldn't be on this list lol

Tap battle is stupid but it's an isolated portion of the game, outside of some meh rewards.
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User Info: Sideus

1 month ago#10
Honestly, of these options, I'm going with the 2019 mass "demote". Most of the worst problems with the summoning pool would be immediately and entirely solved by demoting all the day 1 5*-exclusives and most if not all of the other year 1 5*-exclusives. We've been clamoring for it, the game needs it, and it was the perfect time for it.

So what does I$ go and do? The exact opposite of what they should have done. The units are now less accessible than they already were, and while it doesn't make that much of a difference, it's a clear sign that they're never going to become more available, which means everyone who wanted to build them got f***ed over except the omega whales who already have. It didn't even meaningfully remove them as "bad pitybreakers" because they can still pitybreak on almost every banner.
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