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User Info: CharizardFire

1 week ago#151
Well, Ilyana was one character that I was hoping to see added to this game for years, so I went in hoping to get her.

My summoning on this banner for her was a bit weird. My initial free summon was a 5* unit - specifically, Kjelle. After I spent all of the tickets plus 9 orbs, I got another 5* unit - Lene (there weren't any blues on that circle, so I went red because the Hector + Lilina duo were the second priority for me).

After that, I spent 110 additional orbs and got no 5* units out of it. The next 5 orbs managed to break that streak, though - but I got my second Hardin out of that summon. Fortunately, the circle had 2 blue stones on it, and with the elevated pity rate, there was still a chance for me to get Ilyana from that circle.

It turns out that the second blue stone in that circle was in fact Ilyana! Unfortunately, my new Halloween Ilyana is +Speed/-Resistance. Fortunately, her Resistance stat is still fairly high and I can refine her weapon for Resistance to cancel out her flaw.

Overall, I spent 124 orbs and wound up getting not only Ilyana, but 3 other 5* units as well.
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User Info: Derald_Snyder

1 week ago#152
Used a ticket, pulled green, got +Atk Hawkeye.
Pulled red, Hector/Lilina!

It’s as if IS is saying sorry for my horrible luck on the Mythic banner...
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Meh, should have used all of my tickets on the first day.

Spent my last 3 tickets +12 orbs and got nothing worthwhile pulling red.

16 orbs + 5 tickets = 1 Hextor.

That's my cue to save orbs (maybe get some yolo pulls on the last day).
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User Info: Asternex

1 week ago#154
I did 9 single pulls. 7 of them had a single red orb, the other 2 had none.
Today, I got a session with 4 reds and the third one gave me Hector!
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User Info: Dysias6

1 week ago#155
Threw another 10 orbs. No blues in 2 circles, but I did get Lucius and Surtr (+Spd/-Atk).

Who to give SS4 to....

User Info: Zinie95

1 week ago#156
4.25%... NO Best Daddy....

User Info: EvilMegas

1 week ago#157
Got hector free. Done pulling
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User Info: VareasXbox

1 week ago#158
More 9 orbs wasted.

Why is the TC constantly moping around at random.
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User Info: Zinie95

1 week ago#160
AuraChannelerCh posted...
Why is the TC constantly moping around at random.

Because I can.
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