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User Info: Alligamer72

1 week ago#1
3* bartre

Pulled the other green in the circle

4* sheena

User Info: DoubleDragon

1 week ago#2
Sanaki, Nephenee, Amelia

Forgot I was supposed to be pulling reds for Bantu and got Bartre instead of armor march.
Abyssal Clears W/Nowi, Hana, Cecilia

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

1 week ago#3
Got my 30th free summon 5 star.

Nephenee. -ATK +HP, but I can merge (especially since Wrath is grailvailable now).

My free 5 star summons (not counting summon tickets or first session 5 stars, just the initial free summon):
-Roy (-DEF +RES) from the very first possible free summon, that BHB banner.
-Raven (-ATK), Male CYL VG banner.
-Katarina (+ATK -RES), from Ayragate banner.
-Eldigan (-ATK +DEF), from children of Fates banner (December one).
-Bride Lyn (+HP -DEF) from Legendary 2.
-Celica (+SPD -HP) from Shadow Mirror VG banner.
-Chrom (-ATK), 4-5 star banner that was running simultaneously with Falchion banner ironically.
-Merric (+SPD -RES), from last 4-5 star banner.
-Soleil, Focus: Heroes with Hone Atk re-run.
-Karla (+SPD -HP), Four Fangs
-Karla, Heroes with Draconic Aura
-Ayra (+SPD -DEF), Ephraim/Myrrh BHB
-Ylgr (+ATK -SPD), Fire and Ice banner
-Saber (+DEF -RES), Happy New Year Re-Run
-Takumi (+DEF -RES), Voting Gauntlet Mothers
-Reinhardt (+RES, -HP), Ishtar & Reinhardt BHB Re-run
-Hector (+SPD, -RES), Hector & Matthew BHB Re-run
-Sakura (+HP, -SPD), Takumi & Hinoka BHB Re-run
-Veronica (+RES -ATK), Regal Rabbits
-Naga (+SPD -HP), Naga Mythical Banner
-Gunnthra (+SPD -HP), Eliwood Legendary Banner
-Genny (+DEF, -RES), Weekly Revival Banner 8
-Elincia (+RES, -DEF), Focus: Movement Skills
-Flora (+ATK, -HP), Hero Fest 7
-Hector (+RES, -SPD), Focus: Countering Skills
-Shiro (+DEF, -ATK), Focus: Heroes with Stance Skills
-Mia (+HP, -ATK), Focus: Heroes with Vantage Skills
-Nephenee (+HP, -ATK), Focus: Weekly Revival 18

-Marth (-SPD), a banner pre-mass demotions
-Azura, a banner post-mass demotions
I was wrong.

User Info: ShinigamiMiroku

1 week ago#4
Raigh, because apparently I'm cursed to always have red-tomes that are -ATK.
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User Info: AsterixKing

1 week ago#5
4* Oboro
"You may wonder what I am doing, standing here, right now. I am waiting for time to pass - peacefully." Zephiel, Fire Emblem Heroes

User Info: zangatsubankai

1 week ago#6
Neutral Neph. I REALLY love her character. Any special builds she can pull off with her Dauntless Lance?
If that's how it's going to be... I'll snuff them all out! Every last one of your sickening, happy little reasons for living!

User Info: Wilfric

1 week ago#7
+Atk -Res Amelia..... Armor March fodder I guess
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User Info: shawnwalker

1 week ago#8
Free Ayra?! Suhweet!
+atk hell yeah!
-spd Whhhhhhhhy?!
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User Info: Poison-puffs

1 week ago#9
Star Platinum OP please nerf - Dio Brando
Sheer Heart Attack has no weakness

User Info: dotsdfe

1 week ago#10
4* Reyson.

Only my...third? ever, and I may merge him up eventually since I really like him, so I'll take it. Better than another goddamn Merric or Bartre.
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