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User Info: Jack30749

4 weeks ago#61
4* arthur

A big signal to not pull on this baner

User Info: Marcomario

4 weeks ago#62
I think I'm luckier on my free summons than using orbs. I got a free Myrrh (-atk +hp though) and on the beast banner I got a free tibarn. So things are looking bright hah

Side note, is it worth getting about Myrrh for different IV's?
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User Info: Nothing-

4 weeks ago#63
I was trying to save up orbs, but this is the banner that got me to break. Was worth.


User Info: Lazy_Haar

4 weeks ago#64
I broke into the Google gift card stash and ended up getting Nah after another 43 orbs (pity rate was at 3.25% before this, so not too bad).

...and she's -ATK. Oh well. I like her art and lines in this, so I mainly wanted her for collection purposes, anyway (and I find myself using dragons more often simply because they mix well with beasts). Not going to try for another copy, or go for Idunn at this point.
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User Info: brainrotter

4 weeks ago#65
+Spd/-Def Idunn as my freebie

FDR3 fodder, whee could also merge
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User Info: Arcasaurus

4 weeks ago#66
Second Zelgius

User Info: Dysias6

4 weeks ago#67
Free pulled 4* Selena, then stupidly pulled the other red for 3* Hinata. Had to do a Chain Challenge to get my 4 orbs back.

User Info: CharizardFire

4 weeks ago#68
I just got a +Defense/-Resistance Idunn as my free summon.

User Info: Lief4Heroes

4 weeks ago#69
4* Palla, she was bad IVs and I've already got a Palla at 5*, so she got booked.

Been a while since my last free 5*, and even longer since I got one with good IVs, maybe on one of the upcoming banners... a free Zelgius would be real nice
Is Altena in yet? No? Okay.
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User Info: Tetrana

4 weeks ago#70
I spent about 70 orbs to get a +HP/-SPD Idunn. I don't really feel like chasing Nah though.
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