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User Info: Mikokiri

1 month ago#21
HereToHelp posted...
4* Est

I'm never getting OG Azura I guess. Lol.

You can have mine but she's Spd- Res+
I'm not using her for anything though so
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User Info: Turbo_TRex

1 month ago#22
4* Mathilda
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User Info: DBean

1 month ago#23
4* Bartre - Bwah.

User Info: NoviceTenchi

1 month ago#24
5* Eldigan. +Res/-Atk
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User Info: SilentWanderer

1 month ago#25

The OG one. At 4*

User Info: Pompous_Badger

1 month ago#26
No greens. Sad. 3* Peri. Even worse.
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User Info: Lief4Heroes

1 month ago#27
Another 4* Merric, this time Spd-.

f*** off Merric, this is the second time this week you've wasted my free pull
Is Altena in yet? No? Okay.
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User Info: Sgt_Pepper

1 month ago#28
4* Hawkeye. +Res, -HP.

Also pulled a +Atk, -Res Nowi from the circle, on the bright side.
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User Info: ZeroX2010

1 month ago#29
4* Henry
NNID: ZeroXJerry
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User Info: Cody82

1 month ago#30
+Atk L'Arachel.

Now I have both +Atk and +Spd should I ever decide to build her.
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