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User Info: Zinie95

4 weeks ago#1
Eldigan, Azura, and Deirdre.


User Info: Alligamer72

4 weeks ago#2
4* Titania

User Info: _venport_

4 weeks ago#3
"DUDE! FACE! Why aren't you dead?"--Pete Abrams' Bun-Bun

User Info: Oresama

4 weeks ago#4
6* when?

User Info: Pickley-

4 weeks ago#5
Stahl trash

User Info: CJwat11

4 weeks ago#6
Free Azura! Wooo!
Fire Emblem Heroes FC: 8410511961, Current Lead: Smolzura+10
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User Info: 9999_damage

4 weeks ago#7
4* Fae

EDIT: whoops it's actually 4* Nowi, Fae was my free pull from BHB banner. Either way I'm infested by filthy lolis.
When I found out that "literally" actually means "figuratively", my head literally exploded. - squatch22

User Info: Samurai_Flynn

4 weeks ago#8
4* Chrom free pull. The only time I’m not excited to see him..

I didn’t want to pull red but a billion red orbs appeared and maybe I could have fixed my defense bane Eldigan and so I tried. Barely any blue orbs appeared until later, the ones I picked—Effie and Catria hid behind them. I don’t use creepy-art Eliwood so pulling him and Raigh were a waste. Gonna keep trying for Azura and Tibarn’s sturdy A-skill fodder a little later.

User Info: HowdyHowdy

4 weeks ago#9
4* Fir
Sig? What?

User Info: Renkencen

4 weeks ago#10
Modeca +atk. Not sure to keep that one or +def?
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