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  3. Is Serra a f2p unit?

User Info: entlassen

4 days ago#1
Is Serra a f2p unit? I'm seeing her 4-star version of her in a f2p guide but I can't figure out where she's from as a f2p source. Any easy way for me to get her?

User Info: Meganium7

4 days ago#2
there was probably a 3 heroes quest at some point

User Info: nekuyr2002

4 days ago#3
she's a staff user. I got like 20 of her while trying to get camilla.

User Info: Alligamer72

4 days ago#4
I vaguely recall getting a free 3* of her in like year 1.

User Info: Shadowstalker7

4 days ago#5
According to Gamepedia, she was a free 3* from Three Heroes March 2018.
Yeah, Serra counts as a F2P unit because she was a Three Heroes reward last year.

Though I suspect my own +10 would not count nearly so much... XD
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User Info: Epic_Manky

4 days ago#7
no because I've been trying to get merges for her all year and only have her at +1
...And I meant that in the worst way possible.
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  3. Is Serra a f2p unit?
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