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  3. Finally got a +Spd Reyson

User Info: Rebel89

4 days ago#1
Before I start merging...is this definitively his best boon? I’ll be able to get to +7 or 8 now probably. Have had +Def up til now and with the superboon it has been a pretty good choice. The main team I run him with his caineghis, tibarn, and mordecai. Will the extra spd save him from death enough to make the change?

User Info: Zinie95

4 days ago#2

User Info: chunkyshtew

4 days ago#3
WHOA that's amazing! I'm so envious, I've only pulled the 1 Reyson so far and he's -spd. I cannot wait until I pull another one so that I can remove his bane.

I'd say spd is a pretty good asset on him, especially if you're going to be running galeforce on him. There can also be an argument for +atk since he has very low attack, but +spd makes a lot more sense in a general sense.
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User Info: Alligamer72

4 days ago#4
I run a +atk one personally but that's because it lets me do multi BD shenanigans with L!Eliwood.

User Info: Crusher063

4 days ago#5

Here's mine. He buffs SYTiki in my dragon/beast team. He's got a few other skillsets too, but this has served me pretty well.
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User Info: Rebel89

4 days ago#6
Thanks all, you will @chunkyshtew. He’s great as a 4 star for appearing. Now if I can just get a +Atk Rein since I’ve got the same number of him but have yet to pull one....I wonder if anyone knows what the avg. SPD stat is now with powercreep...prob hard to determine with combat buffs

User Info: catchthemouser

4 days ago#7
I've only ever pulled two Reysons. One of the was +atk thankfully, I don't know if I'll ever switch to +spd.

User Info: Rebel89

4 days ago#8
Since I don’t have a +Atk currently (have manualed all the extras) it seems the consensus that Spd is best otherwise. Haven’t heard any claims that Def is worthwhile, so guess I can always change with another merge later, but Spd might be best overall regardless.
Go with speed. He's very fast, which will allow him to avoid doubles from fast threats, thus ensuring his survival.
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Congrats! I've been able to +2 mine, with +Spd as his base, and he's done fairly well thus far. He pairs well with Caineghis, especially when he runs Guidance in either his B-slot or Seal slot.
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