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User Info: blasster

1 week ago#11
Free pull Brave Veronica when I wanna get Brave Lyn merge.

I.... can't help but feel this is some sort of cruel joke. I'm pulling cyl1 banner, but get cyl2 unit off focus. >_>
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User Info: SirRobX

1 week ago#12
4* Wrys, that’s practically B.Lyn so I’m happy
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User Info: ZedTommo

1 week ago#13
Fir... Yeah, imma keep saving for Keaton
Keaton is MY superior.

User Info: Poison-puffs

1 week ago#14
Soren how dull
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User Info: Renkencen

1 week ago#15
Did a full circle
M Robin

User Info: Dysias6

1 week ago#16
3* Sugar Ray

User Info: GodOfDerp

1 week ago#17
Got brave Lucina. Nice!

+def -res. I'll take it!

I now officially have all the CYL 1 and 2 units.
Anyone who defends microctransactions in a 60$, game needs a hard punch to the face. Keep that stuff to free to play games.
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User Info: GeneratorLeon

1 week ago#18
5 full pulls: Ninian merge, 1st Kliff, 5* Brady, B!Roy merge.
XBL: Generator Leon / PSN: Exile_Leon

User Info: Fullmetal23

1 week ago#19
4* Clair.

User Info: Turbo_TRex

1 week ago#20
3* Fae
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