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User Info: Lief4Heroes

1 week ago#91
Still nothing of value yet, one away from 3.75

Now I think I'll save until I see the Mythic, then I'll go back for Ishtar once I have Yune
Is Altena in yet? No? Okay.
FC: 5084449634 Name: Lief
Pity-broken by the Brave Cow...

*sigh* I should just stop and be happy with my LIES!!!...
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I was wishy washy about Ishtar since the trailer dropped, so I said f*** it and tried for her anyways.

My luck in getting her was substantially better than getting Berkut. In 110 orbs I got

Neutral Velouria (oh boy!)
+def/-spd Karla (Wrath fodder for if I get Edelgard)
+def/-hp Fallen Celica (?Chill Spd fodder I guess?)
+atk/-hp Horse Chrom (you're not being helpful)
And finally, +spd/-res Soiree Ishtar (quad city)

So in total, I spent around 400 orbs and got 10 five stars. Rocky start getting Berkut, but undoubtedly my best banner in a long time. And I can still save the bad IV Ishtar from earlier as fodder for Claude!

User Info: Pickley-

1 week ago#94
Berkut in 50~ orbs and Ishtar soon after in 15~ both with good ivs ^^
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: _Spectral_

1 week ago#95
Free -Atk/+HP Nephenee

120 orbs for +Atk/-Def Nephenee and a +HP/-Res Ishtar in the same circle.

I definitely went down a rabbit hole to fix a bane, but I’m going to use them both a lot, so it’s okay.

Avoided Blues; it would’ve been nice to have Blue Infantry Duel. No regrets because I got Nephenee and Ishtar. Mayyybe I’ll go back in towards the end of the banner, but for now, I’m happy and working on promotes, hero’s path heroes, there’s a TT tomorrow with Rinea...
Enjoy Life :]
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User Info: HereToHelp

5 days ago#96

Still nothing on this banner. I am not allowed to have any of these units. All I'm allowed to have, is a 6.50% pity rate. I'm even pulling 3 colors. So it's 4-5 pulls most of the time when I open the banner.

Next, I will get pity broken by Thea or some other 4-5*. I just know it. Cause I'm a pessimist.

What? Did I anger some god or something? Well, I don't care.
Making mistakes is a natural and important part of life. Mistakes don't make you dumber. They make you smarter.
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User Info: DBean

4 days ago#97
Pity broken twice now, although in about 80 orbs, so it's not the end of the world. First was an appreciated Mage Eirika, now a less wanted Swordhart.

Still would like one dancer from this thing, though!

User Info: SunnyMilk

2 days ago#98
Pity broken by Hubert(-SPD/+DEF) after getting to 4.25% with no 5* on a circle with four reds. And I feel nothing but intense disgust.
"Welcome to a new history! A new age! The age of awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARK LORD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
After a painstaking way to 4.50% (dancer/singer banners are never decent to me, as my pursuit for PA!Azura wasted 250 free orbs), I managed to get S!Reinhardt with Atk+/Def-. Wanted Ishtar, but this guy is still a huge threat anyway.

Now, if Reinhardt can get another alt, I can make Reinhardt Emblem!

...Or I'll just put all three Reinhardts with my Ishtar.
"Mrgrgr!" - Edea Lee
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User Info: HereToHelp

2 hours ago#100
This banner...

This banner is a sin.

A Tome Eirika just broke my 8.00% pity rate. But she's a free unit now.

I've spent so many orbs (around 400?), and nothing. I still don't have a focus unit. Despite pulling 3 different colors.

This is the worst banner luck I've had since I started playing. 8% pity followed by that. I don't know how to feel. I feel dead inside. No emotions at all. No joy. No sadness. No anger. Nothing.
Making mistakes is a natural and important part of life. Mistakes don't make you dumber. They make you smarter.
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