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Volo posted...
bubberducky posted...
I'm really enjoying cheesing maps with Matthew; and eventually he'll be able to ignore all Panic manors and Tactics Rooms. Being able to use a ranged vantage sweeper that has some decent bulk feels very liberating.

Kronya fits the same description 🤔

So does Broadleaf Sothe 😉
SuperPokeGal123 posted...
Made it to Tier 27 for the first time! I'm super happy... never tried to before. My score is currently 13512, but I'm fully expecting it to be -80ed as I'm in the top 100 currently. I don't care, though... Nothing can get me out of Tier 27 at this point.

Congrats! I was close to t27 once but then I took a defence loss to the knee

You'll make it there one day! Keep trying!
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User Info: _venport_

1 week ago#172
I'm finding it impossible to actually enjoy this mode, now. Wonderful.
"DUDE! FACE! Why aren't you dead?"--Pete Abrams' Bun-Bun

User Info: Zinie95

1 week ago#173
ArgentRhiza posted...

You know what, maybe It's ok resign myself to the lower tiers until I can at least upgrade my offense fort to lv.4 :u


User Info: _venport_

1 week ago#174
Fortresses were a mistake. Completely honest, I think they are genuinely the worst thing in AR, as I've said multiple times before.
"DUDE! FACE! Why aren't you dead?"--Pete Abrams' Bun-Bun
13435 for now, i got a success 2 hours ago, but it was when i was in immunity, so hopefully matchmaking doesn't give me any more matches
Beautiful word, beautiful world

User Info: DreadKaiser

1 week ago#176
and another 4 kill Defense

BD/Vantage Legendary Roy, bodied by Gharnef
Friendship is Magic

User Info: PunchedKoala

1 week ago#177

-60 on defense -20 on offense same score as last few light season.

User Info: mirkk

1 week ago#178
11 losses and 2 wins this season at tier 23... Lost 240 lift in defense. Desperately need Duma or Yune but haven't been able to pull them in any of the banners yet.
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User Info: lilZael

1 week ago#179
13,676 pts

12W 0L defense

My best record yet.

User Info: AsterixKing

1 week ago#180
Ugh, nothing like throwing a match for pots. Especially one I boosted Ended up on turn 7 with no way to get in range to kill their last unit.
"You may wonder what I am doing, standing here, right now. I am waiting for time to pass - peacefully." Zephiel, Fire Emblem Heroes
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