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  3. Is Summer Young Tiki still worth pulling now?

User Info: SazukeEX

4 weeks ago#11
She's a loli.

So no
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User Info: RyoAkizuki

4 weeks ago#12
Edgardo4415 posted...
RenamonFOX posted...
I like her, but I like Tiki, so... grain of salt.


I think her HP is really low to run Fierce Stance

37 Def, Atk/Def Bond, Summer's Breath, and whatever other buffs the other fliers have (Wards? Fortify?) make up for that, don't you think?

User Info: Ahuehue13

4 weeks ago#13
Yes but the fact that IS keeps coming out with Dragon effective weapons is annoying and makes it so that you can't use dragons at all

User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 weeks ago#14
RyoAkizuki posted...
You always pull for the units you like, not the strongest units.
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User Info: PKupo

4 weeks ago#15
Nope. I hardly ever use her, even in AA.

User Info: Aloner

4 weeks ago#16
Only flier with breath effect = my orbs cry.

User Info: Your_Master

4 weeks ago#17
Have her at +6. (Pity breakers from legendary banner)

I don't use her cause her design and voice lines are too cheesy. Can't fodder her off cause she has bad skills.

User Info: FatCatJimmy

4 weeks ago#18
She’s still my main red flyer. Still really good, but She needs some SI to really shine.

With her breath PRF, Aether, DC, and a Iote’s shield seal, she’s an absolute beast of a unit.
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User Info: Crusher063

4 weeks ago#19

She’s one of my favorite units. Tanks like a champ and just kills stuff. I like QR3 on her also, as it lets her double units that are close to her speed, but I’ve left Guard on her since the last Rokkr because she uses it very well. Lots of different ways you can build her too, based on team needs.

Edit: Ninja’d by @FatCatJimmy who basically described my Tiki :)

Also, she’s B Ally Support thanks to the Lost Lore. I realized I’d never supported her!
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User Info: catchthemouser

4 weeks ago#20
Not really. I pulled her because I got swept up in the hype, but I never used her. She eventually became fodder.
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