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  3. Who's the better dagger unit to refine, Matthew or Saizo?

User Info: bfidle

1 month ago#1
Whom? - Results (74 votes)
17.57% (13 votes)
82.43% (61 votes)
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They both have somewhat different roles, but who would be the overall better choice for the dew?
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User Info: LorenzoV

1 month ago#2
Saizo and it's not even close. Best refine for daggers by FAR. I didn't take into account his -6 to all built into the weapon and it's simply amazing. May build him in the future.
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User Info: DreadKaiser

1 month ago#3
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User Info: Wilfric

1 month ago#4
As much as I hate to say it, Saizo is better overall as he is more self-sufficient and can run different skills in his C and Seal slots... such as Dual Savage blow, Infantry Pulse, ect

Matthew prefers chill support from team mates to help deal some damage upon first combat and pretty much needs to run Atk and Spd smoke for his C/Seal slots.

Both are really good but it depends on what kind of support you will have. Overall Saizo wins this round.
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User Info: OmnimonX12345

1 month ago#5
Has anyone used a +24 Saizo yet?
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User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
1 month ago#6

Matthew's would be really interesting... if summer Lilina literally did not come with the generic "Blizzard" dagger the same time Matthew's refine hit.

Right now saizo is the best tanky dagger, although he's only usable in light season for the free res.

Matthew is better as a vantage sweeper, but with summer lilina's dagger you can inherit that to a dagger with much higher base atk (e.g. Sothe or Kagero) and get similar or better results. He's still good, but his PRF is just a shinier version of a generic (albeit seasonal) dagger where the intention of that dagger is to be a vantage sweeper when it's locked to a 25 base atk unit.
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User Info: 67chrome

1 month ago#7
So -6/-6/-6/-6 Smoke with +6/+6/+6/+6 personal stats
(Saizo: 36/29/34/33/16)


-6/-6 Smoke, +12/+0/+6/+6 personal stats?
(Matthew: 41/25/34/30/18)

This on easily goes to Saizo. He's more self-sufficient, he isn't effected by Panic at all, his dagger fixes his SPD issues, he has an extra +18 stats over Matthew with his dagger effect, and Saizo has a better stat-spread in the first place.

That isn't to say you can't run ATK Smoke + SPD Smoke on Matthew to get +24 ATK instead of +6/6/6/6 Bonus-Doubler stats; but Saizo's freedom to run anything in his C and S slot can allow him to do put something like Pulse Smoke and Close Defense in those slots, or Savage Blow and Darting Stance.

User Info: km25

1 month ago#8
If Matthew had the smoke effect instead of rogue he would be much better with his refine (for CC/Vantage).

User Info: LightAngel2

1 month ago#9
Saizo. He has a much higher ceiling compared to Matthew. The only thing that sucks about Saizo is that he REALLY wants Close Counter to reach his full potential.
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User Info: madninja1

1 month ago#10
Matthew's dagger has the potential to turn a unit into a CC/Vantage unit but the fact that Matt attack stat is so poor, the extra attack ends up only patching his attack stat instead of making him an offensive unit plus his C slot and seal slot are wasted on smoke skills.

Saizo debuffs all the stats, has an open C and seal slot and creates a massive +12 difference in stats just from attacking. A +10 Saizo is reaching like 60 attack, 50 speed and 50 defense just for poking with his dagger. The best one is Saizo no contest.
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  3. Who's the better dagger unit to refine, Matthew or Saizo?
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