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User Info: Notwhoyouthink

1 month ago#1
"Any dance, anytime!" - Results (60 votes)
60% (36 votes)
40% (24 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I never got her.

The initial banner was 4 person with CYL on the way

And then legendaries are legendaries

No clue if i want to bother again
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User Info: LorenzoV

1 month ago#2
She hates me.
Dana is best girl~
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User Info: itsmeray

1 month ago#3
She is worth it! So offensive for a dancer. And effective against two types. And she bypasses vantage. I was lucky enough to get a +Atk one and I have her at 40+2. She’s part of my core team I use to beat Abyssal content.

User Info: madninja1

1 month ago#4
Yes. I have her with +atk. It's amazing the amount of deal she just does in one hit and how minmaxed her statline is. The only dancer other L!Azura that I use in AR.
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User Info: Sad_Face

1 month ago#5
She's bloody amazing. Mine is +SPD/-ATK and she still cleans up in AR. Definitely a top tier dancer for sure.
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User Info: engine93

1 month ago#6
I want her. When will she return

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

1 month ago#7
I skipped her first banner, and failed to get her on the legendary banner. Ugh, she's going to be extremely hard to get now. I have to wait for her banner's rerun, not to mention my luck with normal banners has been terrible. Probably not worth chasing after despite how good she is.
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User Info: Urodos

1 month ago#8
I wish, really want her. Left the game before her initial banner dropped and returned after the Legendary banner she was in had expired. lol
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User Info: Tight-Knots

1 month ago#9
I didn’t really want her xD xD Of the 4, I wanted Ryoma Xander Elicina and THEN her in that order xD xD
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User Info: Renkencen

1 month ago#10
I was super lucky on getting her (+spd/ -res) as my third pulled (thank god I didn't picked green)!

I did get another one later on when chasing for Xander which was a good call as that one had a better iv (-hp/ +res)
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  3. Do you have this unit? (FEH 2nd anniversary) #150 - Micaiah: Summer's Dawn
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