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User Info: Fenumber1fan

4 weeks ago#1
For this coming summer banner I have predictions:

Super EP oriented Blue Flyer Ephraim. Similar stat distribution to his Winter variant, but without the Armor boosted BST. Probably some generic lance that give +4 def/res if for initiates combat.

Infantry Red Mage Eirika with a prf. Don’t have any idea what stats but she’s gonna be speedy.

Chrom. Similar to Ephraim but green. I’m also thinking he’ll be mounted

Lucina: red archer. Similar to Legendary without the cancerous skill.

Do y’all have any theories?

User Info: Steamroll

4 weeks ago#2
I somewhat think Ephraim and Eirika may be here on the first lot but they were just on the last christmas so who knows, I'm just basing it off S!Tana's lines.

User Info: StellaLunaris

4 weeks ago#3
I have a theory that I'll be disappointed.

OR, it goes the completely opposite direction: A character I kinda like (such as Haar or Kaze. Marisa would be too soon after her spring alt and good luck for Rinkah or Malice) shows up on the first banner, I piddle away ALL my orbs getting them and... Joshua shows up on the second.

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User Info: LorenzoV

4 weeks ago#4
Tana mentions Eirika, so probably she will be on the next Summer banner. Why must she always get seasonal alts that will never demote?
I need my Brave Eirika :(

Anyway, why not Summer L'Arachel?
Dana is best girl~
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User Info: Pickley-

4 weeks ago#5
L’arachel and Joshua

User Info: Zinie95

4 weeks ago#6
It's gonna be Ephraim and Eirika because they are too in love to not go to the beach together.

User Info: blasster

4 weeks ago#7
Is it suppose to be a joke that all Eirikas should be red though? :v
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User Info: Lief4Heroes

4 weeks ago#8
I see three possible futures:

One Fates or Awakening unit
One unit from another game

One Fates unit
One from another game

Something completely new (probably not this one)
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User Info: qrqwqrqrq

4 weeks ago#9
Severa, Lucina, and two token Tellius characters. They need to milk everyone's orbs before the powercreeped Three Houses in July and CYL3 in August.
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User Info: A-Omega16

4 weeks ago#10
It’ll be SS themed

I can guess that much
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